Film Festival Evaluations: 5 Points to Consider While Attending a Film Festival

If you are a filmmaker who is looking for opportunities to screen your film, then one of the best ways to do this is by attending an international film festival. The international Film Festival offers filmmakers the opportunity to present their work and connect with industry professionals in order to gain exposure. With so many options available, it can be difficult knowing which ones are worth your time and money. Here are five points you should consider when deciding which film festival is worth attending!

The location of the film festival

One thing you need to keep in mind when deciding which festivals are worth attending, the distance between your home and the venue where the event will take place should be considered. If you do not have the means or time to travel long distances then it might be best for you to choose the film festival that is closest to your home. However, if you have the time and finances available then attending the most distant film festivals might be the option for you as this allows more opportunities to meet with industry professionals and gain exposure through networking.

The type of film the festival is screening

This point may seem quite obvious, but sometimes the title of the event can be deceiving and the genre’s screen might not reflect your style or subject matter. Therefore, it would be worth researching what type of films the festival screens before you decide which ones are worth attending.

The kind of audience the film festival caters to

As well as the type of films the festival screens, you should also consider what audience they are catering for. This is important because attending the same event with different audiences will provide varying results and opportunities for your career in filmmaking. For example, if you attend a small local community film festival the chances of the industry professionals attending the event are slim. However, if you attend an international film festival then the chance that the audience consists of industry professionals is much higher and this provides more opportunities to network with influential people in the field and gain exposure for your work.

The length of time the film will be shown at the festival

Once the date for the film festival you are interested in attending has been set, it is important to consider the length of time your work will be projected at the event. If the idea of exposing your work on a big screen for any longer than necessary does not sound appealing then choose festivals that only screen the films they select once or twice during the festival. However, if the thought of having your film screened for a long period of time is appealing then choose the festivals that screen the films over the duration of the event.

The festivals premiere status and resources available at the festival to support filmmakers

This point can be quite difficult to determine when considering which ones are worth attending as it depends on each individual filmmaker’s requirements. However, the resources that the festival provides for filmmakers can be a deciding factor in whether the event is worth attending or not. For example, if the only reason you attend the film festivals is to gain exposure through networking, then it might be best for you to choose the events that provide opportunities such as masterclasses and seminars with influential industry professionals. However, if the festival provides the opportunity to pitch your work, then it might be worth attending the events that have these resources available as this can provide you with opportunities for pitching and gaining exposure in the industry.

Besides, one can also decide to attend the festival on the grounds of whether or not the event has the status of the film festival’s premiere. While the line between the two statuses can be quite thin, the general consensus is that a premiering event offers more opportunities to filmmakers as it screens the films before they are shown in commercial cinemas and involves the industry professionals from around the world to attend this special screening.

The number, the quality and the cost of the films that are being screened

Depending on the type of festival you decide to attend, most festivals screen a variety of different genres and styles. So, when deciding which ones are the best for your film, it would be important to research what types they have in their program so you can ensure your work fits the criteria. The prices vary depending on the type of the event, but it can sometimes get quite expensive applying for multiple festivals at a time. Therefore, making sure you find the event that will allow the most exposure for a reasonable price would be the best option. 

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