Fall Fashion for All: Inclusive and Diverse Styles to Celebrate Autumn

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You look up the trees and notice the leaves have taken a crimson or gold color. Some drop and the weather is a bit chillier than it was just a few days ago. You start seeing crunchy leaves in your yard, and hot coffee becomes a staple. You have moved to autumn from summer. As the temperatures drop, you find yourself grabbing cozier accessories and warmer outfits. Here are some fashion tips to help you stay warm and still bring out your style and individuality this fall.

Casual Wear

  • Keep Warm with Fitting Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are an autumn classic. They were popular in the 90s and don’t look like they’re going away anytime soon. Pick both light and heavy fabrics for the fluctuating fall temperatures. You can never go wrong with black, white, or tan turtlenecks. These colors blend well with any attire.

If you want to stand out, try pre-winter shades like burgundy and put on a clean pair of opal grillz. Mock-neck t-shirts are an excellent alternative for those who don’t fancy turtle necks. 

  • Rock a Cool Hoodie or Knitted Crew Neck

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If you have errands or want to step out with friends, rock a hoodie or knitted crew neck to keep warm. These are versatile and can be paired with a skirt, joggers, or jeans. The goal is to look cool while staying warm and comfortable. Complete your look with a pair of chunky sneakers and a baseball cap. 

  • Layer with Long-sleeved Shirts

Fall is cold, and you want to cover as much skin as you can. A long-sleeved shirt is an easy outfit if you have work, school, or a concert to attend. These are trouble-free layering pieces, particularly in neutral colors like black and white. Add a jacket or coat to keep the cold at bay.

  • Try out a Classic Casual Style with Dark Denim 

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Dark denim is pleasing to look at next to shades of orange, brown, and red.  Besides, it’s super easy to style jeans. When you choose them, putting together an outfit is never a problem. Other than the colors, you might want to try out different fits. Skinny jeans will pull off a classic look, while wide-legged and high-waist jeans will give a bolder vibe. Dark-wash jeans and a fitting turtleneck will always go well with an outer layer of trendy jackets and coats

  • Put on Some Sweats

If jeans don’t work for you, try joggers to stay comfortable and warm in chilly fall. You can pair them with a hoodie or knitted sweater, and low-top sneakers for an effortless casual look. Accessorize with a fanny pack to add cool space for essentials like your phone, wallet, and credit cards. 

  • Stay Casual with Boots and Trainers

High-top and low-top trainers will never ruin a casual look. Besides keeping your feet warm and comfy as you go about your errands in the cold weather, they give you a fresh look. White and black sneakers match any outfit, while bright colors add an accent to your appearance. Play around with different colors and sock lengths to achieve varying degrees of causal. 

  • Wrap a Scarf

Scarves insulate your neck and accentuate your outfit. Orange, brown, red, and yellow scarves are great shades for autumn. Patterned ones add an exciting accent to your look. Pick a shade that compliments your attire and accessorize with solid gold jewelry

Dressy Look

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  • Keep It Simple with Slim-Fitting Pants

Slim-fitting pants are always in style. Get yourself plaid or solid-colored trousers that fit well. Pair them with a long-sleeved shirt to stay simple, or choose a button-down or flowy blouse for a more formal look. Tan and khaki pants blend with nearly anything and are very autumn-like. 

  • Throw on a Leather Jacket for Extra Personality

A leather jacket will make a simple look feel modern and cool. Add it over a tee shirt and jeans, and you have a macho appearance. For an autumn night out, a leather jacket, a skirt, and some boots would work perfectly. Shades of orange, red, and brown are more autumn-oriented. Even so, black or white still gets the job done. 

  • Layer with a Long Trench Coat 

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A trenchcoat is a trademark look for any cold season. Throwing it over your outfit is a fashionable way to stay classy while avoiding the cold. Again, colors like burnt orange, brown, and tan are excellent for fall. That does not rule out fun patterns or plaid trench coats. Pick whatever makes you feel and look good. Underneath, you can have a turtleneck sweater and jeans, a  dress, rompers, or anything you feel like putting on. Trench coats go well with nearly every outfit. 

  • Try out some Knee-High Boots

A dressed-up look in autumn can be difficult to pull off in the cold weather. Grab thigh-high and knee-high boots to cover as much of your legs as possible when putting on skirts and dresses. Add a pair of leg warmers or knee-high socks if you want extra warmth. 

  • Accessorize Your Midi Dress

Long dresses have sufficient fabric to keep your body warm during cold fall days. Finish this look with a pair of tall boots and a trench coat or cardigan to give your arms cover. If it’s not that cold, you could pick a pair of mules or ballet flats instead of tall boots. 

Overall, fall fashion needs to be warm. Regardless of your personality or body type, the above tips should help you find enough comfortable and classy outfits to carry you through the season. Find a style that suits you, then customize it to reflect your individuality and mood. 


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