Fall Camping Safety Tips You Need to Know

Nothing goes together like fall and camping. It goes together just as well as bread and butter. Families love camping during fall because it allows them so spend time in the fresh air and spend quality time together as a family. However, camping does come with a few hidden dangers. Here are some camping safety tips you need to know.

Bring a first-aid kit– A first-aid kit is a must-have item when camping. Your first-aid kit should include essential items like bandages, gauze pads, saline wound wash, ice packs, and first-aid ointment. Other items that should be included in the first-aid kit are things like Benadryl, for allergy symptoms caused by pollen, grass, bee stings, or food; antacids for stomach discomfort and Ibuprofen for pain symptoms like headaches. As first-aid kits are essential when you go camping, you should know what it includes and how you can use them. R

Keep foods safe– Ensure that all the foods you pack for your camping trip are in containers that are sealed and waterproof. This will ensure the foods stay fresh and you don’t attract bears or other wild animals to your campsite. Also, you want to provide foods that need to stay cold like deli meat, fruits, and cheese, are packed into ice chests and bring plenty of ice to ensure the foods remain cold.

Watch out for poisonous plants– The most common poisonous plant to be aware of when camping is poison ivy. The general saying with poison ivy is let it be if you see leaves of three. If anyone comes in contact with the plant, be sure to wash the exposed area with soap and warm water right away.

Practice campfire safety– Most people like to enjoy a campfire as part of their camping experience. However, there are a couple things to be aware of when it comes to campfires. If you are at a campground, be sure the campfire is contained inside the supplied fire grates. Also, be sure to put out all fires when going to bed for the night, or when it will be unattended. To put the fire out completely, pour water over the fire and be sure it is no longer smoking before you leave it.

Enjoy your campout! It’s always nice to “unplug” for a bit. 😉

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