Fairytale Brownies – So Good it’s Scary! #Review

Fairytale Brownies so good it’s scary!

I remember as a child going door to door to get candy every October.  I’d get home with my bag full of goodies and watch as mom and dad sifted thru to check my loot.  There was always some of the goods that found its way to the trash (for safety reasons) and some that I decided, after one bite, belonged in the trash right along with it.  We have a “trunk-or-treat” at our church some years, and I’m always trying to find something different.  How many peanut butter cups can a child eat?!?  Enter … Fairytale Brownies!  Y’all…  These brownies are good!


Every brownie batch begins with dark Callebaut Belgian chocolate, premium creamery butter, farm-fresh eggs, fluffy cake flour – and a dash of magic. Our delicious cookies and buttery bars are baked with premium ingredients as well – no preservatives or hydrogenated oils – and all of our products are certified kosher for dairy

I received this box packed with yumminess (is that a word?) and wow!  These babies are delish.  The  Halloween Cookie and Sprite Combo Box boasts a variety of brownies and cookies that will leave you wanting more! 


I absolutely love the way the cookies and brownies are packaged.  They arrive in a colorful box and are pre-wrapped (perfect for throwing in the lunchbox as you rush out the door lunch boxes!).  These would also be great for holiday parties or to hand out to the neighborhood kids for trick or treating.  You will be the talk of the neighborhood giving out these goodies! 


Fairytale Brownies has a HUGE variety of products on their website.  Having a birthday party?  They have a box for that!  Want to say “thanks” to a friend?  They have a box for that!  Need to  send some get well wishes?  You got it… they have a box for that! 🙂  You can also get personalized tins if your company is looking for an unforgettable way to spread holiday cheer.  Prices start at $8.95 and go up, so there’s something for everyone!

Head on over here and let me know which box you choose! 

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