Everything You Need to Know about Getting Dentures

Are you a suitable candidate for dentures? Although most patients believe that these devices are only appropriate for senior citizens, they are incredibly prevalent in individuals above the age of forty. 

Patients can use either partial or full dentures, depending on how many teeth they have lost. Certain signs point out the necessity for using such dental devices, such as having bleeding gums, loose teeth, missing teeth, frequent toothaches, etc. While these trays aren’t natural, they still need daily care. 

Here is everything you need to know about these appliances.

Signs you need them

There is a series of signs indicating the need for individuals to get dentures. For example, people who have a history of dental diseases and poor dental hygiene are more likely to need such devices earlier in life. Not all people went to dental appointments regularly while growing up. Many don’t take any interest in preventative care and fluoride use. Check out the numerous uses of fluoride and learn more about the safety of using this mineral. 

Insufficient dental care can result in severe issues like gum disease, which in turn induces tooth loss. Consequently, the loss of a tooth or a few teeth has to be corrected with the right dentures. People who are strangers to preventative oral care might wear such devices sooner than expected. 

Another telltale sign indicating you need dentures is having tender, red, bleeding, and swollen gums. If your gums look or behave in this way, you might be coping with gingivitis or a more advanced stage of periodontitis. Periodontal disease is the main tooth loss cause in adults. Coping with gum disease doesn’t necessarily mean wearing dentures, but the scenario becomes likelier if you leave the disease untreated. 

If your gums are too tender, swollen, or even bleeding, you should consider consulting a dental professional. Scheduling an appointment is a must if you haven’t had your gums and teeth checked for longer than six months.

Another obvious sign showing it’s time to get dentures is having loose or moving teeth. If your teeth have started to wiggle and gaps have appeared between them, you might be dealing with advanced gum disease. By leaving this disease untreated, bone loss eventually takes place in the jaw area. Once bone loss affects your jaw, the teeth no longer have a strong base to use for support. Hence, it’s no wonder they become wiggly. 

If your disease is already in an advanced stage, the condition can worsen faster than expected. Instead of wiggling and moving, your teeth might start to fall out. In such a scenario, dentures would be the most acceptable solution. People who are already missing a few teeth should think about getting implants or dentures. 

When you lose several teeth, the others have to work harder to make up for their function. Some folks refuse to replace their back teeth with dentures, as they have no adverse effect on their smiles. Since the molars are vital for chewing, incisors need to perform the chewing task in their absence, which leads to further tooth loss.  

People experiencing frequent toothaches might be good candidates for dentures. Frequent toothaches indicate tooth decay, which is treated in a simple way if detected in the early stages. The longer you leave a cavity untreated, the higher the probability of eventually losing the affected tooth. 

Another obvious sign indicating that you need dentures is having trouble eating. This refers to having difficulties when eating chewy or hard foods. You might have trouble eating because of missing some teeth or having a terrible toothache. In both cases, you are a good fit for implants or dentures. There are modern dentures without palate that have no plate covering the upper palate. These are a great choice if all of your upper teeth are missing. 

Other signs that point out in the direction of dentures are stomach aches and frequent indigestion. While these symptoms aren’t necessarily related to dental health, they are worth paying attention to. When a person cannot chew properly, he/she is forced to swallow larger food pieces. Such large pieces of food cannot be digested normally, which results in indigestion and stomachache. 

Dentures are a recommended solution for individuals who are self-conscious about their smiles. Missing teeth have the power to make any person insecure and embarrassed of his/her smile. Fortunately, dentures are capable of restoring anyone’s smile and self-confidence. 

How to clean them

Unless you care for your dentures as instructed, you’ll end up having additional problems like plaque buildup, potential tooth loss, and discomfort. However, by cleaning, rinsing, and soaking these devices every day, you can use them for many years. The cleaning process starts by removing these appliances by following the instructions provided by your specialist.

The first thing to do is rinse your mouth with warm water. Then, you are suggested to put down a towel to prevent potential damage if your drop the device. The top tray is removed by putting your thumb against your front teeth and pressing in an upward direction. The lower tray should be pulled away slowly.

The cleaning process involves not just brushing the trays but cleaning your entire mouth. Brush your natural teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush, and then use a separate toothbrush to clean your tongue and cheeks. Using a dental cleanser is obligatory if you wish to remove all plaque, debris, and food particles. 

Moreover, you can keep your dental device clean by rinsing it after each meal. Cleaning your dentures is not enough to eliminate all the bacteria. You should soak them in water or a special solution overnight. In the meantime, your mouth and gums will get an opportunity to rest. While sleeping, your cavity is naturally cleaned with saliva. 

Final thoughts

If you recognize yourself in any of the symptoms mentioned above, it’s time to consider dentures. 

Technology advancements have made these devices more comfortable and visually appealing for everyone to use!

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