Top Baby Items for 2021 – Making Parenting a Little Easier

As I sit to pen these words my mind is overwhelmed. It seems yesterday that I was the one in need of a post like this and the sweet baby items that make parenting a little easier. How can it be that 17 short years ago I welcomed my first into my arms? Now, here I am, on the eve of sending me two eldest into high school and my sweet caboose into middle school. So many long days have made up the fleeting years and here I sit… looking back at the ones who stole my heart and forward to welcoming a sweet GREAT niece into our family in a few short weeks. The circle of life continues and gets sweeter with each birth. 

It is so amazing how much has changed since my first one changed my name to mommy. So many of the following items were not even a thought when we welcomed our little bundles home! Grab a cup of coffee and sit back as you scroll thru this list of some of the sweetest baby items ever!

Baby Items for your favorite new little person


Baby’s Brew Bottle Warmer:

If you talk to any parent, they’ll tell you the same thing. Warm bottles make happy babies. They’ll also tell you something else. You can’t have a warm bottle when you’re on the go. But wait. Now you can. The Baby’s Brew makes it possible to have a warm bottle for the baby even when you’re traveling. It works with breastmilk, water, cow’s milk, pre-mixed formula, and more. It makes it super easy to give your baby a warm bottle no matter where you are because it can be used anytime, anywhere. It has an 8 to 12-hour battery life, so you’ll always be able to give your baby the bottle they want. 

In addition to bottle warmers, Baby’s Brew also has convenient bottle adapters. It’s an awesome company to shop from for baby shower gifts, gifts for new parents, or if you’re a new parent yourself. 

Chalkboard Bottom Shoes:

Be still my heart. How perfect are these darling shoes from Baby Says. Write a message on the bottom of the shoes and snap that picture. I think these would be so cute for a baby announcement or to document the first 12 months of the baby’s life. With a pair for every occasion – these shoes won my heart immediately. How I wish these had been around a couple decades ago! The moccasins are absolutely darling! I simply can not wait to see my new little great-niece sporting these! She is so beyond spoiled already and I for one am loving it!

Feltman Bros:

Smocking oh I love thee! Feltman Bros has been a staple in homes for generations. You just can not beat the classic look and superb quality of a Feltman Bros. outfit for your newborn. They carry clothing from newborns up to 4T. I loved dressing my two boys alike, they were 2 weeks shy of being 2 years apart. So many people would ask if they were twins. Feltman Bros outfits are perfect for dressing siblings or twins the same! Traditional clothing that you can pass down to the next generation is a HUGE win in my book!

Swaddle Blankets:

Have you ever been gazing at your little one sleeping when they were jolted awake? That sweet face turns from peaceful rest to startled anger and the tears follow. Swaddle blankets help keep baby feel secure and thus keeps the jolted awakening at bay! The Ollie World has the absolutely softest swaddle blanket I have ever felt! I feel good knowing my sweet little niece is going to be wrapped and secure in her Ollie Swaddle and this darling lavender Dailie.

Weighted Blanket:

This is a relatively new concept to me – I hadn’t even heard of weighted blankets until a year or so ago but I can testify, they make such a difference! Weighted blankets give a sense of security and it’s almost like getting a hug in your sleep. I imagine it has much the same affect on babies! This weighted and wearable blanket from Dreamland Baby is ahhhhhmazing! There are few things as valuable to a new mommy as S.L.E.E.P.! This weighted blanket helps baby sleep better and in turn helps mommy and daddy sleep better! Triple win!!

Gripe Water:

In this day of processed everything – it’s refreshing to find truly organic products to care for our babies! ChildLife Gripe Water is just that and it’s NATURAL! What we put into our babies is so important, especially at young ages. ChildLife not only has organic gripe water but an entire line of supplements to help aid in our littles growth and health! Probiotics, prenatal, vitamins C & D3 and so much more can be found HERE! Get your baby the help he needs and don’t feel guilty for it! Thank YOU ChildLife for bringing us truly healthy supplements for our future!

Baby Items for Your Favorite New Mom

Nursing Bras:

So, this one isn’t literally for baby BUT it kinda is… 😊 A good nursing bra makes for a happier mom which means a happier baby! These ultra comfy nursing bras and undies are super soft and have hidden loops that enable you to pump “hands free”! No more sitting around pumping – you can pump while you fold laundry, wash dishes, or sit back and read a book! Simple Wishes has several styles and colors to choose from, go HERE and order yours today!

Developmental Research:

Never has there been such an influx of information on pretty much anything! When you use your favorite search engine, sometimes it’s overwhelming at the amount of information that ensues. Curious Baby has heard our mama cries and cut to the chase. These quality cards tell us what we REALLY need to know and gives some unique and fun exercises with even the tiniest of babies! Every new mommy needs a set of these!

Phone Holder:

This is one of those things that would have been non-existent for my babies. We won’t even go into my bag phone from “way back then”. How perfect is this smart phone holder from Roseberrie, especially during these COVID-19 days. Keep baby in touch with family and friends even when we can’t be “together”. You can attach this holder to baby’s carseat, mobile, stroller, jungle gym… anywhere really and let grandma and grandpa see baby in action! I can only imagine the joy this little baby item will bring to those in the armed forces who have to leave for extended periods of time! What a great gift idea! This would be a super baby item stocking stuffer for the mommy to be this Christmas season!

Whether you are remembering your sweet little ones or looking forward to your new addition, drop me a note below and let me know which baby items are your favorite! 

Feltman Bros.

The Ollie World


Phone Holder

Baby Activity Cards

Chalkboard Shoes

Nursing Bra

Weighted & Wearable Blanket



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  1. SO HELPFUL! If only I had this list when I was pregnant! I did have gold moccasins for my little girl, and it was so cute!

  2. That’s so much new to learn for me who became a mother 16 years ago, its good for the new mothers, back in our times most of these things were not available.

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