Eliminate Unwanted Excess Calories and Stay on Track with Precision Digital Kitchen Scale

It’s very hard to stick to a healthy diet and it’s even harder to eyeball an accurate portion size. The Precision Digital Kitchen Scale will let you know precisely how much that piece of steak weighs or how much pasta you’re putting on your plate. This eliminates any unwanted excess calories and keeps you on track while sticking to your eating plan. In addition, you can save money by creating your own single-serving snack baggies for work, travel, or shopping. 

Precision Digital Kitchen Scale Features

  • Recessed platform to contain foods when in use
  • Easy to read display
  • A tare feature that eliminates the weight of the container or subsequent ingredient
  • Measures up to 11 lbs in 4 measurement modes: grams / ounces / pounds / kilograms

These features allow users to know how many calories they are consuming and adjust their diet accordingly. I especially like the tare feature. It allows me to weigh the food inside my bowl or plate if I’m in a hurry. Otherwise, the recessed platform on the scale is perfect for keeping your food contained for weighing. 

I’ve always tried to be health conscious, however, weighing my food never really occurred to me until recently. Portion control helps keep you on track without the guilt of over-indulgence. Another tip I’ve learned is to prepare measurements ahead of time for easy execution.

The Precision Digital Scale has a large display that is easy to read and maneuver. It is large enough to do the job well, however, small enough to tuck away neatly in a drawer for saved counter space. 

Stop guessing about portion size and start living a healthier lifestyle today. With the holidays quickly approaching you don’t have to undo all of your hard work. Allow this handy kitchen helper to assist you in gaining more progress toward your goal!


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4 thoughts on “Eliminate Unwanted Excess Calories and Stay on Track with Precision Digital Kitchen Scale

  1. I have been thinking about getting me one, I know the holidays are coming and food is at hand. Super easy for me to have that extra bite or two, having something like this would definitely help.

  2. WOW! This scale does everything but eat the food for you! I’ve never seen one like this! I like the portion feature too! I lost five pounds getting excited about this scale!!

  3. It is so difficult this time of year to stay on track with all of the food that is around. This would be a good idea to really track portions.

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