Drug Quality: 4 Ways To Ensure You Are Getting Authentic Prescriptions

Guest post contributed by Kara Masterson

Counterfeit drugs may not be the first thing that comes to mind when getting a prescription drug, yet it is something to consider. At the moment, some people are falling prey to fake medications. The following will help ensure that you get an authentic prescription.

Question Foreign Prescriptions

If you buy (or are thinking of buying) foreign prescriptions, you should know that statistics show that around 80 percent of all counterfeit drugs come from outside the United States. It would be a good idea to look at drugs in your country before relying on foreign options. You might be able to find your prescription cheaper at a different pharmacy. Just make sure that you always do your research before buying.

Pay Attention to the Details

Drug forgers can make prescriptions look the same, but there are a few details that may give them away. For example, the taste of the drug could be off, or it may dissolve differently from the original prescription you had. These differences do not always mean the prescription is fake, but it could warn you of an issue. Talk to your doctor before you take it should you notice anything strange.

Check on Drug Quality Requirements

Imitators may do a few things to make sure you cannot tell the difference between authentic and fictitious drugs, but there are a few regulations and requirements that are harder to fake. You should get familiar with some of the required seals of approval that prescriptions drugs should have. Knowing these could help you spot a fake before it hurts you or your chances of getting better. For example, prescriptions must comply with the DQSA/DSCSA, and be sure to look for the VIPPS Seal.

Stick to Local Pharmacies

Counterfeiters have an easier time tricking people when they buy online where it is harder to inspect a drug. Yes, many people are forced to buy prescriptions online to save money, but it might not be worth it. The ingredients in these drugs could include chalk or even rat poison. The chances of a prescription drug being fake are decreased dramatically if you visit your local pharmacist. The regulations are quite strict, making it pretty safe for you to purchase from them.

Hopefully, some of these tips help you stay away from counterfeit prescription drugs. Remember, it is always best to ask your doctor about any suspicions you may have because it is better to be safe than sorry.

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