DIY Candle Lanterns


Here’s a great DIY project to work on this weekend.  Make your own outdoor candle lanterns to dress up your porch or yard! These are so easy, plus they make a stylish statement without breaking the bank.

Here’s what you’ll need:
Mason Jars
Sand – *Optional alternative to Pebbles*

All of these items can be found at Walmart in the craft section, Michael’s Craft Store, or your local craft shop.



Here’s how you make them:
Drill a hole on each side if the lid of the mason jar.  Run the wire through and twist it with needle nose pliers. Then add your pebbles and placed a votive candle holder inside.  Easy enough, right?!



If you prefer, you can skip the wire part all together and just set the jars on a table outside to enjoy.
Special thanks to my friend Dee for taking all of the pictures and sharing this with us.  Thanks, Dee! xo!!



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  1. Thanks so much for the DIY Candle Lanterns! Last year we took our first vacation and we went in an RV to Williamsburg, VA. We had such a great time. I’m hoping we can go again this year, however, financially I highly doubt it. However, These DIY Candle Lanterns would have been so nice to have taken with us last year! I have some citronella votive candles which I could use in these jars to keep away those pesky mosquitos!! I think I’m going to have to find my ball jars and the matching lids and make a couple of these! I absolutely love this idea!!!! Thanks for sharing your DIY Candle Lanterns with all of us! I honestly do appreciate this! Thanks again so much! Michele 🙂

  2. I really love these, I have so many mason jars and we are going to be spending a ton of time at our new pool so I will have to make these!

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