Different Types of Stone Benchtops and their Attractive Features

The kitchen is the most important part of your home because it is the place is where the food is prepared which influences families all around the world. 

Among the various important components of your home, benchtops are an integrated part of your kitchen. However, they can easily get affected by stain, food spills, hot pots and can also be damaged by heavy objects. So, you need to choose a durable stone benchtop with heat, dust, and stain resistant features. Read more to learn about the different types of benchtops available for your kitchen.

Types of stone benchtops available in the market

  • Granite benchtop: granite benchtops are the most popular option which is available in different types and price ranges. You can choose a high quality one or you can also choose a pocket-friendly granite benchtop. Granite stone benchtops can bear heavy loads and you can even place your stove on these benchtops. Apart from that, you can also use the same benchtop as your chopping board because they are completely scratchproof. These benchtops are easy to clean and all you need to do is use some normal detergent to clean the granite on a regular basis. Granite is a natural stone which comes in different textures and shapes, and even you can also cut and customize this stone to fit in your kitchen properly. But the main drawback of this stone is its poor sealing and after a certain time, you need to seal or remodel such benchtops.
  • Limestone benchtop: limestone is a heat resistant stone benchtop. Also, they are available at affordable prices. But these benchtops are porous and after a certain time, you can find some scratches and cracks on these benchtops. Also, you cannot remove the stains, grease, and oil from these benchtops. In this case, the initial installation cost of the limestone benchtops may cost you less, but in future, you will need to spend more on its maintenance.
  • Marble benchtops: marble benchtops are the most decorative benchtops in the world and people who want to make their kitchens look classy can use these benchtops. They are quite costly, so you need to spend some additional cost for maintaining these marble benchtops. Apart from that, marble can easily react to acids and if you spill any food colors such as vinegar or turmeric on the marble then it is hard to remove such stains from the benchtops.

What are the advantages of stone benchtops?

  • Stone benchtops can add a little luxury to your kitchen. Apart from that, they are durable and long-lasting.
  • You do not need to spend a lot on maintenance of the stone benchtops. Also, they are available in various colors, textures, and shapes.
  • You can also customize the shape of these stone benchtops. They can also use to increase the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.

So now you can choose the best benchtops according to your budget and needs but it is advised to choose only a durable one. It is suggested to search stone benchtops online and then compare their prices according to their features. Lastly, you must ask for the warranty from the company and if you find any issue on the benchtop within this warranty period then you can replace or repair the same at free of cost.

Contributed by Lauren Bracy

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  1. You mentioned that it is advised to choose only durable stone benchtops. In doing this, they will last quite a long time. We are thinking about redoing our kitchen, and want to know what our options are with the countertops. I will have to keep the stone benchtops in mind as we get closer to making the final decision.

  2. Oh my God! You just made me realize that granite benchtops are able to withstand external elements as well. I’ve been thinking of remodeling my kitchen probably next year. I’ll certainly consider this option so I’ll make the right installation later.

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