Dangerous Driving Behaviors You Need to Quit ASAP

Driving is a wonderful way for people to experience untold freedoms, explore new places, and build a sense of independence. Unfortunately, there are habits that a lot of drivers develop that are dangerous. You will find three such driving behaviors listed below, along with reasons that you should quit them immediately.

Speeding through Yellow Lights

When you see that the upcoming traffic light is turning yellow, you want to try to prevent the long wait at a red light by speeding through. This is a very dangerous driving behavior. Too often, the light has already turned red before you pass under it. If you do this at an intersection, that means you’re driving through a lane of cars that have a green light. This sort of driving behavior results in several collisions and traffic accidents. Running a yellow or red light can make you liable for financial damages due to an accident if the other people involved decide to bring in a car accident law attorney.

Texting While Driving

Responsible for 1 out of every 4 car accidents, texting while driving is one of the worst driving behaviors you can have. Using your phone to write a text while you are operating your car has so many permanent consequences. One of these consequences is death. If your eyes are on your cell phone screen, they’re not on the road. You can’t react to traffic conditions around you. You even have the possibility of your car veering out of your lane and into another one, resulting in a collision. No text message is worth your life. If you need to text someone, pull your car over onto the side of the road, park it, and write your text while your car is stationary.

Tired Driving

Whether you’re coming home from a party that went late or working the night shift, you’ll probably be pretty tired. This isn’t always a problem, but there is a very thin line between tired and safe and tired and dangerous. Driving tired is often compared to drunk driving for a few reasons. You can fall asleep, react slowly, or even just not see something like a red light and put yourself and others at risk. If you can, plan to get a ride home from a friend or service. If all else fails, at least take a walk or do some jumping jacks to get yourself a little more awake before you drive.

Remember that driving your car is a privilege. If you abuse that privilege with dangerous driving habits, it can be permanently taken away from you.

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