Cool Pool Party! How to Throw the Best Summer Shindig

Summer: the time to sit back and relax with an ice cold lemonade, the time to get out and enjoy the best vacation destinations this country has to offer, and the time to throw a great summer party. Whether you’re a backyard party pro, or if you’re stepping into the role for the first time, a great pool party can make for some fantastic memories for you and your guests. Luckily, with the right planning and the right elements, you’ll be able to plan that unforgettable party you’re dreaming of, without being overwhelmed or stressed out.

Good Food

Food & fun are the central elements of any great summer party, so if you can get the food right, you’ve already got half the battle won. Utilize easy-to-prepare and wholesome foods that aren’t terribly sensitive to temperature changes. The last thing you want to be doing is taking special orders, so offer “safe foods” that most people are likely to enjoy. Don’t forget adequate warm or cold storage for the foods you have out to help prevent foodborne illnesses. Additionally, utilize covers over the food to ensure no flies or other pests can join the buffet line.

Good Games

When people come to a summer party, they aren’t looking for anything groundbreaking when it comes to games. Simple games that most people know how to play, like horseshoes, corn hole, Frisbee, and basketball will provide plenty of entertainment without causing any extra work on your part. If you do have a brand new game you’re just itching to share with your friends and family, it’s perfectly acceptable, just be prepared to spend a lot of your time at the party explaining the game to your guests rather than simply enjoying time with them.

The Main Attraction

What would a great summer party be without a sparkling swimming pool? A pool makes a great place for kids to play, for parents to relax, and makes a natural gathering point for everyone who attends the party. If you really want an unforgettable experience, having a waterslide installed will provide that extra little “something” that will truly keep your guests happy; reach out to a trained professional to install one for you, like Elite Pools. If you plan for your party to last into the evening, have some fun waterproof lights you can toss in the pool to let people know it’s still the place to be.

For creating more fun activities you can add custom floaties for parties which will decorate the surface of the pool with colors and make it more unique. Unlike wholesale regular floaties which offer only several designs, with customized floaties you have the opportunity to come up with unique designs and characters that will make your party more enjoyable. You can also decorate your pool with squishy water bombs and inflatable balls which are great for outdoor ball games.

Talking It Over

As your party progresses, the large group of people at your party will inevitably break off into smaller groups for more quiet conversations. Plan for this in advance by providing natural conversation retreats, such as a few chairs placed together by the pool, or some chairs placed in a circle around a fire pit. Doing this in advance will ensure your guests don’t feel like they have to move a bunch of furniture around just to enjoy extra time with someone they want to talk to. As the host or hostess, you can then feel free to move around naturally as you check on everyone, joining in on the various conversations as appropriate.

Have Fun

Don’t have so much going on at your party that you can’t enjoy it yourself. Plan for simple food, simple activities, and simple conversations so the party can, in some ways, run itself, so you are freed up to enjoy spending time with your guests. Plus, your guests are likely to enjoy a party that they can take at their own pace, free to come and go as they please, with no formal schedule to abide by. After all, there’s enough tight schedules in the “real world,” so make your party a place of retreat and escape, and you are sure to have a party that you and your guests will greatly enjoy.

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