Consider These 4 Exciting First Date Ideas

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Choosing the activity and venue for a first date can be challenging, especially if you want to avoid cliché and overdone ideas such as having coffee or dinner. You might want something more exciting that also opens the door to a deeper relationship. The following date ideas can help you accomplish both goals and provide a great time. 

1. Explore a Haunted Spot

Supernatural or horror-themed attractions provide unique thrills and adventures that are hard to find elsewhere. From an old-fashioned haunted house Maryland to an informative, but eerie ghost tour, there is never a dull moment in these places. If you and your date are terrified enough, you might even seek comfort in each other. 

2. Attend Trivia Night

A trivia night at a nearby bar, restaurant, or other establishments can be entertaining for multiple reasons. Both of you can playfully compete and impress each other with knowledge of history, science, pop culture or more. A lively environment with other people can also make it easier to relax and break the ice. You can even make it a double date or invite friends for more fun.  

3. Explore the Outdoors

Perhaps you and your companion prefer to stay active and spend time outside. Plan a day where you can explore the outdoors. If you are going on a hike, choose a small trail by a local park or near town. You will still enjoy the various benefits of hiking while also sharing a common hobby with someone. 

4. Go See a Drive-In Movie

A movie date can sound great until you realize you cannot interact much until the end. You can avoid this setback by going to a nearby drive-in theater. The two of you can still talk during the movie and enjoy a cinematic experience without disrupting others. 

A stimulating first date can make a significant difference in a potential relationship. Consider choosing a compelling event that can also lead to bonding opportunities.  

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