Choose Wisely for The Best Part of Your House – The Deck

Guest post contributed by Lara Buck

In most houses, we find that a deck is probably the most visited and beautiful part of the house. A deck is a raised platform and generally is the outdoor space of the house the decking might be a part of your house entrance or your balcony or backyard. A wooden or composite deck is more preferred today than patios. These decks are enclosed through a railing usually. The decks make your living area a little larger. They may extend to the garden outside and you can simply be there relaxing and having a peaceful good time within the boundaries of your house.

While decks are made up of very different materials, like wood, aluminum, and composite, but which one is a better material for the purpose can only be understood if we studied each and every material and its usages for the deck and its utility individually. So, let us start by having a look at wood as a deck material and its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Wood deck

Everyone would agree that the wood decks are the best when it comes to quality and looks. From all times wood has been the most favored of all the materials for a deck. Particularly if we talk about advantages of wooden decks, here are few: 

  • The entire authentic feel that the finish gives to is something that pays you back all your money worth and gives immense satisfaction as well when it is appreciated by all.
  • Everything about a wooden deck feels good, the texture, the finish, the scent, the natural feeling that it presents and the cost of a wooden deck does not always make a hole in your pocket.
  • They are of various varieties and you are free to choose among the different textures as per your budget.

Wooden decking has its own disadvantages as well. They are: 

  • Some varieties of wood are very expensive
  • All the wood decks need very proper care and maintenance, or else they get fragmented and lose their good appearance.
  • Some varieties are needed to be imported and hence are rarely available.
  • They cause environmental damage, as lots of trees are cut to provide for wood.

2. Composite deck

Composite decks are made of synthetic fibers.  Composite decking is rather a recent trend. These are not complete wood material but are actually a blend of wood and plastic. The wood used can be anything as to wood fibers and sawdust recycled material or pure wood etc. The advantage and disadvantage of composite decks are: –


  • The biggest advantage of composite decks is that they are very easy to be maintained.
  • They do not get torn, cracked or rotten.
  • They are weather and water resistant.
  • They are environment-friendly as less wood is required for it.
  • Materials can be Recycled and utilized this way.


  • They are not as attractive as wood decks.
  • They lose their glaze and appearance soon.
  • They look cheap.

So thus, we see that wood and composite materials for decking, both have their respective pros and cons. But what is a better material for your deck and what are your preferences? You should decide yourself as per your wishes. After reading these points you will be able to decide smartly as to what will be the best kind of material for your home. Whether for your house decking, looks are all that you are searching for then surely wood will be the best material, but if you have other things in mind then read again to decide. Choose them only if the advantages are best suited for you.



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