Changing Your Winter Skin Care Regimen for Spring


With spring coming up it is always best to switch out your skin care products for winter to those used in spring. Here are some tips to help change your regimen this spring.

  • Purge – With the new season on its way it is best to throw out old makeup or skin care products you were using in winter. Make sure to check the expiration date on all products. It is best to make sure also that nothing is dried out or has any odd smells. Everything does have a shelf life and can go bad so always make sure to check up on things you apply to your skin or body. You should not keep any makeup that is over three months old because it can cause irritation to your skin and cause you other problems.
  • Exfoliate – Winter is over but your dry rough flaky skin is still around to greet the new season. Try using deep cleansing facial mixtures to help exfoliate your skin. You can also look up great homemade exfoliation remedies if you do not like to use store bought chemical products. This way can be less expensive and you may trust the results more. If you do prefer to use products from the store, there are some out there that are chemical free and are all natural. Not all store products are bad for your skin, keep that in mind.
  • Transition – With the transition from winter to spring it is best to switch to a lighter moisturizer. Make sure to apply moisturizer at least twice a day to help keep your skin smooth. Always remember to apply sunscreen because now with warmer weather your skin is more exposed to the sun. When applying your makeup, you should try using lighter foundation because it is time to freshen up and glow this spring. It is always best to change up the things you were using in winter to things made for spring it not only is a seasonal change but best for your skin.

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