Letters From Santa Will Give The Magic of Christmas

Give Your Child The Gift Of Receiving A Personalized Letter From Santa!

My son just turned 5 years old, and this year he is really excited for Santa to come. He seems to be searching for validation that Santa is real because me telling him does not suffice. He asks so many questions about him, especially with each Christmas movie we watch. As a mom, I love seeing the excitement in his eyes when we talk about the magic of Christmas. I wanted to do something special to keep that Christmas magic going for as long as possible.

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Be Prepared with SJ Works Bicycle First Aid Kits

Bike riding is a great sport, from the fresh air, the exercise and the beautiful views there are not a lot more ways better to get out of the house. But when there’s an accident while riding, what do you do? SJ Works have designed a line of bicycle first aid kits that are just what you need to complete your bicycle.

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Perfect Family Night with ThinkFun Games!

One of my favorite aspects about the holidays is the fact that more family time seems to pop up. It’s not like family time is moot the rest of the year but, the holidays just seem to make it easier. ThinkFun Games is one of our go-to ideas for the family nights we enjoy so much during the holidays. 

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Enjoy a Dining Experience Like You’ve Never Had Before at Texas de Brazil #TexasdeBrazilJax

I participated in the Texas de Brazil Campaign on behalf of Wendy’s Bloggers. My guests and I received complimentary meals to facilitate this post, but the opinions, creative content, and photographs are my own.

Selecting a restaurant can be a little tough, especially if it’s hard to please the people you are eating with. Who wants to hear complaints when you’re enjoying your food? At Texas de Brazil, there will be nothing but smiling faces, exciting new foods to try and rave reviews coming from everyone around you.

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Find a Unique Umbrella at ShedRain

The weather is forever on our minds as people who dress for the heat or cold, we look to make sure we don’t need to wear rain boots if the day is pretty enough to wear sandals. So when going out and we know that the weather may be watering our lawns, what kind of umbrella keeps your freshly washed hair dry? ShedRain should be the brand that you rely on to keep yourself dry on rainy, wet days.

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These Watches Are Right On Time For School #CoolSchool18

Make a Statement With a Beautiful Watch

This year for school make sure you are always on time with a nice timepiece from Time World Inc.  Watches make wonderful accessories and are completely functional.  Plus cell phones are not allowed in some schools, so you need a watch to tell the time.  Therefore find a watch that is all you and really helps tell your style story.

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Insulated Products for Heading Back to Class #CoolSchool18

August is the time when either parents are sending their children back to school or they are gearing up for another year of homeschooling. Whether your kids will be going back to school or starting their next year of homeschooling, these three innovative insulated products might make life a little more fun.

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Need New Glasses for Your Upcoming Classes?

It’s that time, yes you know it, back to school time! By the way, how are your kids’ glasses holding up? I know the budget is probably tight, but I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised with the affordable selection that 39DollarGlasses.com offers.

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Healthy Snacking with Slammers! #CoolSchool18

I can remember when I was younger and it was back to school time. I used to get so excited about the kitty on my lunchbox and the red Power Ranger on my backpack. Yep, I was a little everywhere but one of the things my mother made the most exciting was our snacks. We didn’t have snacks like Slammers Snacks back then. We usually had baby carrots, chips, or something similar but she would draw faces on the bags, etc. Times sure have changed and now, kids have access to some amazing snacking options and Slammers is leading the way!

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