Budget Breaks in Darwin: A Backpacker’s Paradise

Although some people would never travel around places on a tight budget that they have never been to before, there are plenty of travelers who not only do just that but actually revel in the challenge. Fearless backpackers looking forward to their first trip to Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory, Australia have certainly got plenty of ways to make their tight budget go that much further. Of course, one of the first things shoestring adventurers should be thinking about is budget accommodation such as hostels in and around Darwin.

Once we have got settled at one of the more cozy hostels or similar places to stay in historic Darwin, we may want to start planning an awe-inspiring travel itinerary for the duration we will be staying in this region of the Territory. However, in order to make the most of our stay in Darwin so much more enjoyable, it would be wise to consider the following tips:

  • Head down to Mitchell Street where you can meet like-minded travelers
  • Consider hostels outside the city center for a more peaceful stay
  • Experience the awesome Crocosaurus Cove
  • Visit the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory
  • Buy a hop-on-hop-off ticket for the Big Bus Darwin bus tour

Backpacker Scene

Most people who travel on a budget wherever they go in the world enjoy meeting up with fellow budget travelers for a number of reasons – being able to make their trip even more budget-friendly being just one of them. Indeed, by hooking up with a number of other backpackers, spreading our money further than we thought possible will be easily achievable. After we have found an accommodation in Darwin that fits our budget and tastes in holiday digs, it is probably a good idea to check out the vibrant backpacker scene in Darwin in order to get to know some of the cool people hanging out in one of the many bars and restaurants around town.

Of course, by getting to know people who are also looking for ways to make their travel budget go much further, we will end up with many more money-saving ideas. In fact, many backpackers who meet new friends in Darwin are likely to continue travelling with their budgeting buddies as they travel on to other parts of the Northern Territory and beyond.

Getting Around

Although it is probably best to have your own vehicle whilst staying in Darwin in order to make the most of all the fantastic places to visit outside the city, it is still possible to get to places of interest a bit further afield by booking a tour. Of course, anyone planning to travel up from Adelaide to Darwin with the money to buy a truck or campervan would be wise to look for a used vehicle with lots of space whilst down south. By looking on useful websites, backpackers hoping to make life easier by having their own vehicle should be able to find something suitable for their budget. What could be more exciting than not only cruising up to Darwin on the Stuart Highway (known locally as “the track”), but also having the ability to reach those places of interest around Darwin that we might have missed out on without our own transport.

Indeed, there is certainly lots of potential for some fun-filled days out in our truck or campervan along with our newly-found friends. However, people planning to drive to Darwin from the south of Australia should make sure they book accommodation in advance in order to avoid disappointment.

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