Best Surfing Spots on Long Island, NY


When looking for the best East Coast surfing, Long Island’s conditions are hard to overlook. With its south-facing shoreline, Long Island beaches are famous for big swells and a history that brought surfing culture to the forefront in the Atlantic. With spots suitable for beginners and seasoned surfers alike, all those looking for a wave will enjoy the pristine waters and cool surroundings of Long Island’s top surfing spots.

Lido Beach

A popular spot with locals and visitors alike, Lido Beach is one of the most well-positioned beaches on Long Island. This beach features a long south-facing stretch and two decent-sized zones for beginner surfers. It’s not only for fledgling surfers, however. Swells occurring here position Lido Beach to be a hit, with A-frame waves coming in fast and hollow, highly desirable for more experienced surfers seeking big thrills.

Lincoln Boulevard

One of the more well-known surfing spots on the island, Lincoln Boulevard provides an exceptionally convenient location for a day in the sun. This beginner’s paradise is home to mellow, predictable waves that those starting out can enjoy learning the ways of the water while they’re surfing. Find Lincoln Boulevard easily on Long Beach train station only a few blocks away. The Unsound surf shop is also within a short walk. Here you can find everything you need to get yourself ready to spend your day riding the waves.

Gilgo Beach 

Located in the central area of Long Island, Gilgo Beach is a stretch formed by many barrier islands. These islands have a low population and are made up of mostly town beach or state parks, features which give the area a scenic, peaceful atmosphere. Fall is when Gilgo Beach truly shines as the swell brings in crowds reveling in the spectacular surfing conditions. 

This spot is a well-known place for surfing, and rightly so. From its humble beginnings in 1961, the East Coast Surfing Championships began here as a small gathering of enthusiasts. Eventually, it became the Atlantic’s first major surfing tournament. Gilgo Beach is also home to lineages of surfing families such as the Fawesses and the Bungers.


This once sleepy fishing village at the tip of Long Island is now a favorite hangout among surfers and creative types alike. Since the explosion of the surfing culture in Montauk in the 1960s and ’70s, its beaches have been a buzz every summer. Referred to by locals as “The End,” Montauk is surrounded by beautiful beaches where the swells come in from several directions to provide consistent, quality surfing conditions.

After a full day of enjoying the sun, sand, and surf, you will be glad to find a peaceful accommodation where you can rest your head. Browse an extensive range of hotels and motels in Long Island and book quality lodgings at affordable prices. Choose from among two- and five-star accommodations. Find discounts and special offers on the best rest spot for you to recharge so that you can get back out and enjoy the surf again.

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