Become an Experienced Cook with Simple Tips


Do you walk into the kitchen and instead of cooking, pick up the phone and order out? Does cooking make you a little nervous or just seem scary because of past experiences?  You are not alone!  Many people feel this way. 🙂   All you need is a little patience and lots of practice.  Soon, with a little guidance you’ll be cooking like a pro! Follow these simple tips to become an experienced cook.

If you want to create picture perfect homemade chocolate chip cookies, don’t add all of the chocolate morsels into the mix!  Separate approximately a quarter of the morsels that the recipe calls for and place to the side.  After the cookie dough is placed on the cookie sheet, add the remaining morsels to the top of each dough drop to create a fresh from the bakery appearance!

Here’s a neat trick. Do you want to impress your spouse by cooking while camping?  Then, you need to cook biscuits on a stick!  Using canned biscuits, stretch the dough out in to a thick string.  Next, wrap it around the end of a stick.  Lastly, bake it slowly over the campfire just like you would marshmallows or hotdogs!

This one is so simple, however many people never think of this.  While cooking, save leftover sauces by pouring them into ice-cube trays.  The next time you need sauce, pop them out of the tray and reheat the cubes in a pan for a quick sauce! I love this because it is a money saver too.

Although garlic is very yummy and even has health benefits, it does have a very strong odor that many people don’t like.  This may sound strange, but next time you cook with garlic, rub your hands on your sink! If you have a stainless steel sink, it should remove the odor.

Invest in a nice crock pot.  Crock pot cooking is very easy and convenient.  There are several websites that offer free delicious crock-pot meal recipes.

Don’t be afraid to take chances.  Practice makes perfect when learning how to become a better cook.  Do not be intimidated by recipes that can seem overly complicated.   Focus on one thing at a time and go step by step.  It is wise to read through the recipe first and have all ingredients readily available.

Now you are equipped with a few great tips and tricks to become a better cook. Remember, practice makes perfect! Soon you’ll be making great food that everyone will love to eat!


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  1. These are some great tips! I love to use my crockpot as well. One of the things I enjoy about cooking is that my husband will try anything that I make. This allows me to be more adventurous than I would normally be.

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