BBQ Bologna Wraps – Simple and Inexpensive Lunch!


BBQ Bologna Wraps for an Inexpensive, Tasty Lunch

As a kid, my mom used to make what she called fried bologna.  She’d toss a couple of slices in a hot pan, making them sizzle and pop, until they were crispy on both sides.  Then she’d toss it in a sandwich with some cheese, cut it into squares, and serve it up with a glass of milk.  Over the years, my tastes have definitely changed, and the fried bologna sandwich has reemerged in different forms.  Lately, I’ve had a thing for wraps instead of sandwiches, and of course, I thought of the fried bologna of my childhood.  But with a twist.  BBQ Bologna Wraps are now a favorite not only of me, but my whole family.

Essentials for BBQ Bologna Wraps

There are a few things I’ve found to be essential to good BBQ Bologna Wraps.  The first thing is thick cut bologna.  It works better in the frying pan, and all you have to do is cut into the meat about 1 inch from the edge to keep it from forming a bubble in the middle as it cooks.  The second thing that’s essential for BBQ Bologna Wraps is good barbeque sauce.  If you love the sauce, you’ll love the wraps.  The final thing that’s essential is good tortillas.  I love gluten free ones, but any tortilla that wraps well works for BBQ Bologna Wraps.

Making BBQ Bologna Wraps a Kid’s Favorite

I love making BBQ Bologna Wraps for kids.  The love the warm bologna, tangy sauce, and crisp lettuce.  Sometimes I add cheese, especially Swiss or a sharp cheddar, for a bit more flavor.  The first time they bite into the wrap, their faces light up and they love it.  It becomes an instant favorite that they will be clamoring for every time you bring out the bologna.  So make up some BBQ Bologna Wraps for a flavorful, and inexpensive, lunch.


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