Alkalife TEN Spring Water: Balanced with a High pH and Rich with Electrolytes #Review

I must admit, Alkalife TEN Spring water has me rethinking my tap water.


 Our family drinks water – a lot of water each day. My kids are also very active in sports. Many days I forget to refill and pack water bottles so I find myself stopping to buy a pack of water at least twice per week. We don’t drink soft drinks or tea very often, usually only at special occasions, so when I heard about Alkalife TEN I was intrigued.

About Alkalife TEN

Alkalife TEN is sourced only from America’s purest springs. This refreshing Spring water is bottled with a high pH and rich with electrolytes. This one of a kind water contains ZERO calories and no added sugar. 

BPA Free Alkalife TEN does the body good. It’s high alkaline mineral formula promotes health and wellness by keeping your body free from acid waste build-up. It actually enables your body to eliminate harmful toxins!

In addition, with a high alkaline life-style supported by drinking Alkalife TEN, your body becomes less vulnerable to degenerative and infectious diseases.


It feels amazing being able to offer my teenage daugher Alkalife TEN after an intense basketball game rather than a sugary sports drink. It helps her to recover quickly from conditioning exercise, practice, and play.

Alkaline water helps restore your body’s pH level to a balanced state. A body that is well balanced is better able to remain healthier and more active. Better hydration means more energy too!  

This family has been wowed. We will never look at bottled water the same again! After drinking pure, refreshing spring water that is naturally filtered, you’ll understand why when you try it. Find a store near you and go pick some up today!



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