Advice To Give To Your Teenage Driver

The day your teenager gets their first car is the day you can all celebrate together. They will finally have the freedom they have been craving, as they will be able to travel as and when they want or need to. And you will finally have more freedom, as you won’t need to transport your teen to and fro anymore! 

But while it is largely a good thing that your teen has their own car, you will understandably be more than a little worried. Roads are notoriously unsafe and as we have discussed before on this site, teenagers can be dangerous drivers. Accidents and fatalities are frighteningly common for young people aged between 16 and 19, and because of this, many parents have been forced to call on the services of knowledgeable wrongful death lawyers. It’s scary, but there is much you can do to help your teen, and this starts with the advice you give them. Here is the advice your teen needs to hear.

1. Save up to buy your first car

There are lots of cheap second-hand cars on the market today, but as a parent, you will understand the problem with this. Some cars are cheap for a reason, and especially when buying from a private seller, there is the potential for an unsafe purchase. So, if you can’t or don’t want to buy your teen a car yourself, remind them to save up for something other than the cheap motors they might have their eyes on. These saving tips might be useful for both you and them when you’re reminding them that cheap cars could be potential death traps. 

2. Take advanced driving lessons

After passing their test, the last thing your teen will probably want to do is embark on more lessons. There is the expense to consider for starters, as well as the inconvenience to their schedule. However, an advanced driving course does have its benefits. Your teen will learn how to drive safely on the highways, they will be able to perfect their skills when out on the road, and they will benefit from cheaper car insurance too. This latter point should be of particular interest as young drivers always face higher insurance premiums because of their inexperience. Mention these benefits to your teen if they start to grumble.

3. Don’t assume your friends have your best interests at heart

Your teen might have friends who are as concerned about safety as you are. On the other hand, their friends may be less than helpful when it comes to protecting your teen on the road. They could encourage your teen to drive faster or they could suggest other behaviors that go against road traffic laws. They might also encourage your teen to drive after drinking at a party, which is obviously very foolish. So talk to your teen, remind them to practice common sense when out with their friends, and discuss the consequences of unsafe driving to sway them from the bad advice their friends might give them.


There is more advice you can give, of course, so commit to further research and read some of the other driving articles on our website. While your teenage driver might feel as if you nagging them at times, remind them that you only have their best interests at heart. Hopefully, they will then take heed of what you’re telling them.

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