8 Ideas for Designing a Comfortable and Creative Home Office 

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If you are someone who has made a switch to working from home vs on-location, you may be looking for inspiring and creative ideas to design your home office area. Creating a space at home that gives you a place to work while keeping your home life separate is important to have a work-life balance. Check out these tips on how to make a comfortable working area in your living space.

The Right Space

A critical part of creating a comfortable workspace at home is finding the right spot in the house for your office area. Think about available spaces you can convert and enjoy as your office within your house. This could be an unfinished basement area, unused closet, or nook in the kitchen. The basement may be a great place to keep the feeling of separating work from home. Or, you may like to have the kitchen close to keep an eye on children or fix a meal while you’re working. The space you choose is the start of your amazing home-work life.

Colors for Positive Vibes

Finding the right color for your home office is important for cultivating the attitude, creativity, and productivity you need during the workday. Hues of blue or green are excellent office colors for accent walls. Blue inspires ideas and productivity for higher-quality work. Green brings out the brain’s creative side to ignite thoughtful ideas that others may not see. Both colors bring a relaxing, earthy, calm feeling to your workspace.

Accent Decor

Once you pick out your color choices for paint, you can decide on accent decor and wall art. If you go with the blue or green colors, metallic gold or silver for shelf hangers, vases, and lamps will pop with some modern style. Large wall art with metallic frames and your favorite pictures is a great way to make your workspace personal and inspiring.


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With the colors and art picked out for your workspace, it’s time to get comfortable with contemporary home office furniture. There are many options on the market today, so finding the desk and chair that look and feel good to you is critical. Creative designs for desks include an acrylic sawhorse, distressed wood, or geometric open storage desks. Pair your favorite desk style with an ergonomic chair in vinyl or faux leather. The comfort of your office will focus on how your body feels while working throughout the day, so finding excellent furniture that brings design and healthy posture is a must.

Storage Area

Don’t forget a designated area in your workspace for storing files, papers, books, and other office supplies. The storage will free your office from clutter while keeping essential items nearby. Bookshelves, wall shelves, and desk hutches are excellent for adding additional storage while keeping your workspace clutter free and visibly appealing.

Inspirational Wall

Working at home alone can sometimes affect your work relationships and the daily encouragement you receive. Creating a space that reminds you of your strength, motivation, and worth is vital. Design an area on the wall where you can hang a pegboard with positive notes, feedback from co-workers, encouraging quotes, or inspiring reminders to help you focus throughout your day and remind you of the goals you are working to achieve.

Cozy Break Area

Just because you work at home doesn’t mean you don’t need breaks. Find a place in the house where you can relax and take a few minutes to reset your mind throughout the day. Your break area might be a comfortable recliner or an exercise room. Finding the time for yourself throughout the day will help you stay motivated and keep your creative thoughts going.

Add Greenery

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Plants are a fantastic way to bring in some nature while filtering your office air. Plants come in all shapes, sizes, and maintenance requirements. From simple succulents to vining Brasil Philodendron to floor Bamboo Palm Trees, including greenery in your office is perfect for adding vibrance and life to the area. When choosing plants, consider how much light the area will get and how much care they will need — there’s no point in getting a plant to revitalize the space if it’s going to die in a few weeks.

Build Your Home Office Today

Finding creative and comfortable furniture, decor, colors, plants, and inspiration for your office is an exciting adventure. With these tips, you can start envisioning and designing your new home workspace.

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