7 Tips For Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom

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Decorating a child’s bedroom can be a lot of fun, but it can also present some unique challenges. Choosing a design scheme that keeps both you and your child happy can be more difficult than you imagined, whether you’re redecorating for a Disney-Princess-obsessed daughter or a dinosaur-loving son. However, as parents spend over £5000 on room design for their children before they reach the age of ten, it’s pretty important to get it right the first time. 

The key to success is bringing a youthful, free vibe to your décor without overlooking the vital practical elements. With this in mind, we’re bringing you our seven top tips to help you turn your child’s room into a functional yet beautiful oasis that they’ll love spending time in.

Add Motifs And Graphics

Whether you choose to add graphics through decals, paint, or wallpaper, they’re certainly going to brighten up any child’s room. Choose a theme that’s bright and cheerful and incorporate your child’s favorite cartoon characters, animals, or other motifs to breathe life onto the walls. 

Be careful though to select something that isn’t going to embarrass your son or daughter in a couple of years – after all, kids’ tastes change pretty rapidly. You may find it best to opt for framed posters or pictures strategically placed on the walls instead as they can easily be replaced as your child gets older or develops a new passion. 

Include your child in the decision-making process about which images to use – children really appreciate having the chance to truly express themselves in their own space. 

Think Creatively About Storage

Children’s rooms need plenty of storage to keep all of their toys, clothes, and accessories safely tucked away. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to boring old cabinets and drawers. 

Why not choose functional but appealing storage solutions like colorful chests and baskets, moveable storage carts, or beds that have drawers tucked away beneath to keep clutter hidden away.

To maximize both storage and space, consider exploring our collection of trundle beds, which provide an ingenious solution for sleepovers and additional storage, all while maintaining a stylish and organized room.

Be Colourful

Choosing a vibrant color scheme is a great way to add a youthful and upbeat atmosphere to any child’s bedroom. Both pastel and primary shades can work perfectly, with colorful blinds, curtains, wall panels, rugs, and bedspreads working together to create a cohesive look with plenty of personality and flair. 

If you’re looking for bedroom paint ideas for your child’s room, consider asking them about their favorite color, or opting for a balance of soothing neutral shades alongside bold accents.

Go For A Rug

Fitted carpets may look great, but they aren’t always the best choice for a child’s room since they stain easily and can be difficult to clean. A rug is a far better solution, creating a warm, welcoming feel while also being far simpler to remove and clean. 

A large rug gives your child plenty of room to lie down and play comfortably with their puzzles, games, toys, and art projects, and can either complement or contrast with the wall décor to create a distinctive look. 

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Open Shelving

One fantastic storage solution to incorporate into any child’s bedroom is some open shelving. Not only do shelves keep items out of the reach of young children, but they’re also great for displaying décor pieces. Since they’re mounted onto the wall, they’ll also maximize your available floor space. 

There are lots of ways to place shelves to add more interest to the walls, too.

Create Separate Zones

Helping your child to stay organized can be achieved by defining separate play and work zones in their bedroom. 

Set one area up with a desk or work surface, with book storage nearby and neutral shades for better focus and concentration then set up another corner with brighter colors where they can keep their games, toys, and puzzles.

Leave Some Room To Upgrade

A major challenge that comes with decorating a child’s bedroom is that upgrades are needed on a fairly regular basis since children’s preferences and needs change as they grow. With this in mind, leave some room so the décor can be changed over time to be age-appropriate whenever necessary. 

A good way of achieving this is by opting for a more neutral design scheme which is then accessorized with pops of colour in the shape of artwork, wall panels, furniture, and textiles that can then be modified to suit your child’s tastes. 

Follow these seven top tips, and you’re sure to create a bedroom that your child is going to love!


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