7 Gifts Your Lady Deserves From You On International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is just around the corner, March 8th. It’s the time when not just women but men should celebrate the power women possess. From being born until the last stage of life, it’s usually a woman playing the main role. For the indomitable soul, an encompassing strength that woman have, it’s time to celebrate the special woman in your life and thank them for being with you on the journey.

Therefore, on this day of global celebration of the woman, make sure your lady does not miss out on feeling empowered. And who could be better than you to make her feel her inner strength?

Here are 7 amazing gifts to treat your woman with on International Women’s Day. Take the guide and make her feel loved on this special day.

  1. A Makeup Palette

We agree not every girl loves to make up but for sure, every girl loves possessing a beautiful Makeup Palette. Therefore, this Women’s Day, buy her a nice makeup kit if you want to make her smile.

  1. An Empowering Book

Books are those best friends that only give without expecting anything in return. Gift your girl an empowering book or a quote book so that she could flip pages whensoever she feels down and gloomy in life and you are not available to console her.

  1. Power Girl T-shirt

Fun. Cool. Classy. The T-shirt is one gift that she will accept with all smiles and wear it everywhere. Gift her a Power Puff girl T-shirt or any T-shirt with a feisty slogan and let her rock her way through work or party.

  1. Chocolates

For the lady who stood by you through thick and thin and did not leave your side, sweetens her day with an assorted box of her favorite chocolates. Wrap it wonderfully and thank her for sweetening your life with her presence.

  1. Flowers

Flowers speak when words are not enough. Send a special surprise to your lady by choosing the best Women’s Day flowers for her and add a special note. Let her know she makes your life as cheerful as those lovely flowers.

  1. Vacation Tickets

Your special lady needs some time off her hectic schedule. And vacation tickets could be the best way to let her know how much you take care of her comfort. Send her on a solo trip or plan for her a surprise trip with her favourite girlies.

  1. Arrange A Photo Shoot For Her

Is there any lady who doesn’t like being in front of the camera. From taking rompy selfies to putting on thoughtful expressions, you’ve seen all the sides of your girl on her Instagram and FB feed. Therefore, it’s time to make her day special by planning a special photo shoot for her and give her a special memory to remember for life.

Therefore, this International Women’s Day, make a gift of not just tokens but experiences and sweetness that she is sure to remember a lifetime.

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  1. Fantastic ideas!
    I’m going to make sure I celebrate international womens day this year and lift up as many of my fantastic females around me

  2. These are some great ideas! I just told my husband to keep it simple. I don’t need a lot. I’m happy with a book and chocolate.

  3. these are all beautiful ideas! I think the makeup palette and flowers are my two favorite. I always love having fresh flowers in the kitchen. They really can brighten up any room. and of course you can never have enough makeup lol these are all fabulous ideas!


  4. I would be excited to receive any one of these! My husband buys me flowers twice a year and I love it.

  5. While I do enjoy chocolates and wonderful surprises, it really bothers me that there are so many made up holidays that are geared toward consumerism. It doesnt take money or material things for someone to let you know how they truly feel about you.

    1. While this is very true, this article was written by a man. It could be that his love language is to give and pamper in order to show his true feelings. 😀

  6. These gifts are very lovely. I think more importantly, the men in our lives must show us how much they value and respect us as women. But anything to spoil their woman would be greatly appreciated, I’m sure.

  7. I love all these present idea but I do think that 8th of March is not the right day for present. What women deserve is equality and fairness, not gifts. They also deserve to be celebrated all year round and to receive gifts all year round

  8. These are all great gifts to receive anytime of the year. I love the makeup palette and the great shades it boasts. They are perfect for creating a daytime or evening look.

  9. I do think my girlfriend would love a photo shoot. But she would really love creative control of everything in the long run. These all sounds like fun gifts to give.

  10. I have to say I love chocolate and maybe a concert. This is a great post, it will give husbands/boyfriends ideas for gifts that they cant go wrong with.

  11. I think this is a great list. My husband is such an amazing guy and although we don’t often give gifts to one another, he does so many other things in a day that make my smile and love him even more

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