6 Christmas Gift Ideas to Really Spoil Him

Christmas is fast approaching, and it can be difficult to know what to get for the man in your life. If your husband or boyfriend has more refined, luxury tastes, it can be especially difficult – a case of beer, a video game, or a novelty shirt might not cut it!

If your partner deserves something above and beyond this year and you really want to spoil him, it can be difficult to choose a gift. While men can treat women with expensive jewelry like a diamond ring, women sometimes have to be a bit more creative when trying to treat men. Here are six Christmas gift ideas that will show him exactly how much he means to you this Christmas.

Ferrari Track Day

Let’s be honest – you probably can’t afford to get him an actual Ferrari of his own. If your man loves cars, why not get him the next best thing – the opportunity to experience driving a supercar? There are plenty of Ferrari (or any other type of supercar) track day experiences available around the world.

Rolex Watch

Despite mobile phones largely replacing wristwatches as ways of telling the time, many men still prefer a classic wristwatch. If your man appreciates a touch of class and likes to look his best, a luxury wristwatch can be a great gift for him. There are many brands of luxury watches available, including the iconic Rolex brand. 

Luxury Pool Table

If you have the space available, a high quality wooden pool table can not only provide countless hours of fun for a fan of the sport but can also be a stylish and beautiful addition to your home. Setting up a games room with a pool table, dartboard, and even arcade machines can be a lot of fun.

Vespa Scooter

The Vespa scooter is an iconic design that gives off retro ‘60s vibes as well as being stylish and timeless. However, the Vespa is not just cool, the new models also perform just as well as other scooters on the market. If you want to gift him a great new addition to his garage, check out bmgscooters.com.

Gibson Les Paul Guitar

Many men secretly – or not so secretly – a dream of being rock stars. Whether you have a husband going through a mid-life crisis and looking to recapture his wild youth, or a young boyfriend who plays in a band, why not treat him to one of the most iconic electric guitars in the history of rock and pop music – the Gibson Les Paul?

Whisky Tour

A lot of men love drinking whisky, whether it is Scotch, Irish, blended, or bourbon. If you want to get a gift for a whisky fan (apart from just a bottle of whisky, obviously), there are guided whisky tasting tours that you can take part in. Why not book a week or two-week long tour in Scotland or Kentucky and make a vacation out of it?


As well as any of these gifts, food, and drink are also almost always appreciated!

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