5 Genius Ways to Hire a Wedding Catering on a Budget

Weddings are lavish affairs that require extensive planning and preparations. In today’s economy, arranging a grand wedding can be very expensive, and planning a budget carefully is of utmost importance. Moreover, food is one of the most important parts of a wedding and hiring a caterer who is not only affordable but also good quality is difficult. Here are 5 tips that will help you to hire the best wedding catering on a budget.

5 Tips to Hire the Best Wedding Caterer on a Budget

#1. Compare Rates – When you wish to hire wedding catering on a budget, it is always recommended that you check a few caterers to find out their rates. Every caterer has a decided menu with price details given about the specific dishes they specialise in, including snacks, main course, desserts, finger foods, rice varieties, cuisines of other countries, etc. But they always add some specials as an offer like fun treats to entertain children or snack counters. Always negotiate and ask for more such offers within the same price range.

#2. Additional Charges – You can always negotiate rates when hiring wedding catering on a budget, but it is also important to check whether they charge extra for renting cutlery, servers, waiters, decorations, food presentation, and taxes. Make sure that your budget includes all these extra costs so that they do not come as a shock to you later without any prior knowledge. Once you have received all the details, you can sign the contract after carefully reading it. Never hesitate to ask questions. It is your wedding and also your money, and thus you have complete rights to get your doubts cleared. Pay attention to all the details and demand things that you wish to be added.

#3. Guest List – Most caterers charge per plate. However, they have a minimum fixed number of guests in their plan irrespective of how many plates are served. Therefore, when you hire wedding catering on a budget, it is important to get an almost accurate idea of the number of guests who will surely attend. You can then inform the caterer and fix your budget accordingly. You can get an understanding of your attendee list by making them RSVP on an online invitation. This will give you the closest idea of the number of guests attending your event. However, in most cases, 20-30 guests can be adjusted within the available quantity of food.

#4. Food Counters – Other than a lavish buffet, you can also opt for food stalls serving finger foods like fries, local snacks and others to entertain the guests. This will fill their stomachs before the main dinner starts and thus help control the number of plates. When you to hire a wedding caterer within budget, these special arrangements can be made to save money in total.

#5. Local Caterers – A smart idea for hiring wedding catering on a budget is to look for caterers in your locality or close to your home so that you do not need to spend on their transportation cost. More professional businesses will ask for more money compared to local caterers. Moreover, local caterers know the tastes and preferences of the local people better due to the area being their advantage, due to which they can cater to the guests appropriately. They can also purchase ingredients from the local market at cheaper prices due to their relations and arrangements with vendors and sellers that help you in saving money.


Therefore, to arrange a grand wedding but to stay within budget, you must follow these 5 excellent tips that will help you get the best wedding catering on a budget. By doing this, you will not only impress your guests but also save money.

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