4 Ways To Protect Your Home From Fire

Your home is a place of comfort. It’s a place for relaxing and feeling safe. It doesn’t just get that way on its own, though. It requires an owner to create that atmosphere through care and cleaning. Have you thought about how you can prevent a home fire? Do you the common areas to look at? Be proactive, and understand safety measures and protocols, evaluating your residence for any issues. Here are four things you can do that may protect your property and your family.

Remove Lint

The washer and dryer make life convenient, but they can’t be left without care. After several uses, lint could accumulate in the dryer’s system, preventing it from working right and creating a potential hazard. Regular dryer vent cleaning might help with this, freeing the unit of clogs and buildup. As an added bonus, it may work better since it can then heat up to the correct temperature, drying clothes faster.

Inspect Sensors

Functioning smoke detectors are the first line of defense. Many homeowners don’t realize they should be regularly dusted and tested. Once a year add new batteries and ensure they are free from dust and grime. This could interfere with the ability to work properly. You may even want to press the test button to validate they are still in good condition. If you have any doubt, head to a local hardware store and purchase a replacement.

Check Cords

With today’s technology much of the home runs on electricity and the internet. Those cords are helpful, but, if damaged, could create sparks. Avoid electrical issues by regularly inspecting the cords. If any appear damaged (signs of frays) then toss them and replace them with something new. Professionals can come in and look over any outlets that may seem to cause issues and avoid plugging too many things into one spot. If you think you need more power, consult an electrician to evaluate the room and the electrical box.

Avoid Candles

Sometimes there is nothing like the aromatic scent of a burning candle. As the lavender or cinnamon permeates the room, it can create a calming effect. It also, though, poses a fire hazard. Try to gain the same result by using alternative sources such as oil diffusers or electric candles. Because these don’t use flames, you may avoid the issues with children or pets who could tip them over, starting ablaze.

Enjoy your place, and feel good about it. Regularly look over the areas and keep them free from electrical problems. 

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