4 Steps to Take When Your Elderly Parents Need to Come Live With You

It’s become increasingly common to see multiple generations under one roof. If it’s time for your parents to move in with you, you’re in for quite a change. To make this transition easier, you’ll want to consider taking the four steps below.

Talk to the Kids

If your kids are going to be living at home at the same time as your parents, you’re going to need to talk to them about how everyone’s lives are going to change. It’s unfair to assume that the transition won’t have an impact on them, and you need to start managing expectations and setting ground rules early on. The better you communicate at this point, the fewer problems you’ll have once your parents actually move in.

Upgrade a Bathroom

Bathrooms can be problematic for people with mobility issues. It’s vital that you figure out a way to upgrade one of the bathrooms in your home to be better suited for the use of your parents. This might mean adding a walk-in tub, putting rails near the toilet, or simply putting down no-slip padding on the shower floor but it’s up to you to take preventative measures ahead of your parents’ move-in date.

Get In-Home Nursing Services

Age is, regrettably, often coupled with health problems. While you might be able to handle some of the issues on your own, you should not try to take over skilled nursing duties. Seeking out in-home nursing services will allow you to ensure that your parents get proper medical care while also taking a great deal of pressure off of you.  Spectrum Health Care offers specialty services in a private or public setting for the elderly. Make sure that you understand the precise medical needs that your parents have so that you can contact a provider who specializes in that type of care. If you live in the UK, Abafields Home Care Services is a highly reputable company that makes it easier to care for your elderly loved one at home, as well. 

Upgrade the Stairs

Stairs can cause major problems for those who deal with problems getting around. While you probably didn’t think much about your stairs when you bought your house, they’re going to pose a major obstacle to your parents. It’s a good idea to install some kind of mobility system like a home elevator lift on your stairs in order to make it as easy for them to get around as possible. 

When your parents move in, you’ll experience a major shift in your life. If you can prepare ahead of time, though, that shift will be easier for all involved. Your relationship might be changing, but putting in the work before they move in will help you to give them the help they need. Click here to learn more about caring for your aging parents.

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