3DlightFX Brightens Your Child’s Imagination #Review

Bring Your Favorite Characters to Life with 3DlightFX

Room decor and a nightlite wrapped in one figure!

“The 3D Deco Lights are a comforting, cordless, decorative night light that are loved by our tiny customers and big ones alike. With a simple switch of the light, a soothing glow provides the necessary light for midnight changes, feedings, reassuring check-ins and, of course, to keep the ‘boogie monster’ at bay.”
We recently received the BB-8 3DlightFX to try out.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the size.  I’m not sure what I was expecting, but this light far exceeded my expectations.  I took a pic of the light beside a regular sized can to give you an idea of what to expect size wise.
I LOVE the fact that the folks at 3DlightFX take ALL of the guesswork out of the installation! I’m a measure once, have to recut 5 times kinda gal, so this was a lifesaver for me! 🙂  Everything you need is included in the attractive box (with the exception of a screwdriver).

3DlightFX has a light for EVERYONE!  My Little Pony, Disney Princess, Star Wars, Sports… the list could go on and on. In addition, each cool to the touch light includes a crack sticker. You can go here and see their huge selection.

Go here to see a video on how to install your battery operated light!


You can get yours at Target and many other local retailers!

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3 thoughts on “3DlightFX Brightens Your Child’s Imagination #Review

  1. All of these lights/room décor are so cool, there are so many myself as well as my children would absolutely love! What a great gift idea for children and adults alike! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think this product is so neat. I wanted to get one for my grandson but didn’t get to so I will be checking after Christmas.

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