3 Backpacks for Work and College

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Backpacks allow busy, modern people to make like snails and carry their necessities on their backs or over a shoulder. A backpack is an all-purpose conveyor of the “stuff” we need. Whether that stuff is course materials or gear for the gym, a backpack is one of the most practical bags in existence for mobile, modern living.

In this post, I’ll talk about different types and styles of backpacks, why they’re a great fit for work and college, and how the backpack is a huge icon among functional bags for everyday living.

From Happy Wanderer to Urban Fashionista

Found sporting a wood frame backpack carrying his tools and supplies, Otzi the Iceman was mummified in the ice pack, where he died happily wandering during the Copper Age (mid-5th millennium, BCE). That’s how old the backpack is!

While the happy wanderer can still easily source the sturdy behemoth needed to accommodate a tent, it has fashionable modern counterparts like the suede backpack, stylishly tactile and sleekly chic. Appealing to the urban fashionista, a constellation of practical and stylish backpacks crowd today’s market. Let’s look at some crucial features defining great backpacks for work and college.

What to Look for

Durability is at the top of your list, expressed in high-quality craftsmanship apparent in details like stitching and construction. Versatility is another crucial feature. Can your backpack do other things, like go to brunch? Can you take that backpack away for a weekend road trip?

Does the backpack have space for your laptop? Are the zippered compartments and slip pockets conveniently and intelligently placed? Make sure your new backpack is water-resistant, too. It’s going to rain sooner or later, so ensure that your belongings are protected when it does!

Whether you’re purchasing your new backpack for your own use for a child or grandchild going to college, these features determine how effective that backpack will be, so do your homework to know the quality of what you’re purchasing. 

Square, Compact Backpack

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With the traditional adjustable shoulder straps, this backpack style is popular among commuters and college students. Lightweight and centered in the middle of the back, this type of backpack is also easy to carry. Usually equipped with a handle at the top of the bag, it’s easy to carry in your hand, when necessary.

Look for a selection of zippered compartments that allow you to assign certain items to specific compartments. Knowing where your things are is how you stay sane when you’re changing trains or buses or running from class to class. Look for pockets on the side of the backpack that lie against your back. These “hidden” pockets help you secure valuables in harder-to-access places, making theft far less likely.

Urban Fashionista

While the square, compact backpack cleaves strictly to the traditional form, the urban fashionista version looks more like a purse. Perfect for the busy student who wants to put the right foot forward, an urban fashionista backpack is practical but constructed from durable materials that indicate its status as a fashion item. Suede, leather, and durable synthetics in fashionable prints and textures tell the story of this backpack style.

All the zipper compartments are there. The adjustable shoulder straps, too but so are the finely-wrought hardware, the lush materials, and the elevated styling. This is a backpack competent and rugged enough to carry your books and laptop but stylish enough to head out for the evening when class is over. Ideal for work, this style of backpack looks as good as it performs, providing a fashionable option for workers and college students who step out in style.

The Sling Backpack

This compact style, worn slung across the body and close to you, isn’t for carrying laptops and books. This auxiliary bag is a convenient “pod” you can carry inside your main backpack to contain items like money and your phone. Stick your main backpack under your desk or in your dorm room, then slink off for lunch or to do some shopping. Unencumbered by your books or laptop, you’re as light as a feather!

I like a larger backpack paired with a sling auxiliary for sheer convenience. Without a second thought, grab your sling containing your necessaries and you’re off. The sling backpack allows you to lighten your load for side trips and avoid stuffing your pockets with needed items. 

These are some of the top three picks for the best backpack styles for work and college, encompassing a range of preferences. Here’s to finding your ideal backpack!

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