#Win a Honeycomb Prize Pack: 1 Box Honeycomb Cereal & $25 Gift Card

With school starting soon I’m sure your morning will be busy! Are you looking for a simpler way to start off your mornings? The classic Post Honeycomb Cereal is the answer! Packed with delicious honey flavor, Honeycomb cereal is the perfect addition to your breakfast routine.

Looking for something even biggerer for your breakfast? Get this Breakfast Cereal Cookie Recipe. You will have about 2 dozen cookies in less than 30 minutes…YUM! 



1 box of Post Honeycomb Cereal and a $25 gift card! 


The giveaway is open to US residents ages 18+ and ends on 8/17/17

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3 thoughts on “#Win a Honeycomb Prize Pack: 1 Box Honeycomb Cereal & $25 Gift Card

  1. Wow, chocolate chips, oats and so many more goodies and after looking at the recipe, I know my kids would love it anfd I believe I may be able to make it for them. Everything is biggerer when we start mornings with a delicious treat like this.

  2. With having four kids to get ready in the morning and out to school, I could see them really loving these. And it would be a plus for me because I could make them ahead of time to make the morning less crazy

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