Vegan Pairings: Which Wine Goes Best with Pasta Dishes?

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Pairing delicious pasta dishes with high-quality wines can be a true delight for any foodie. You should never ever randomly combine wine and pasta dishes, however. The most successful pairings are ones that are carefully planned in advance. If you want to create a pasta meal to remember, the right wine choice can do you a lot of good. Vegan meal glory is right in front of you.

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Select Wine that Has a Subtle Tangy Flavor                

The world of pasta is wonderfully varied and expansive. No two kinds of pastas are the same. Certain types of pasta go well with certain types of wines, period. If you’re preparing fusilli that’s covered in an irresistible red sauce, go for wine that has a subtle tangy flavoring. This kind of fine wine can work beautifully alongside tomato sauce. Tomato sauce is on the acidic side, after all.

Think about the Specific Kind of Pasta Dish You’re Preparing

There are specific hassle-free concepts that can make pairing pasta meals and wine a cinch. Don’t assume that pasta dishes that are heavy on herbs are the same as those that are heavy on tomato sauce. They’re not. There are many pastas that are great for light-bodied wine applications. These kinds of white wines are generally suitable for appetizing pasta dishes that revolve around vegetables.

Pasta and Tomato Lovers

Tomato sauce lovers tend to gravitate to numerous different categories of wine. If you adore pasta that’s covered in hearty tomato sauce, then you should consider wines such as Rhone blends, Zinfandels, Nero d’Avola and Montepuliciano d’Abruzzo. These wines all usually combine well with pasta dishes that involve tomato sauces.

Pasta and Herb Lovers

Are you a pasta lover who is all about the tastes of herbs? If you’re part of that category, you should put your attention on white wines that are light-bodied. Some good examples of these varieties of white wines are Gavi, Vermentino, Friuli Sauvignon Blanc, and even Fiani di Avellino. Fans of pesto pasta meals won’t be able to turn away from these wines.

If you want your wine and pasta combinations to be effective, a good rule of thumb is often to forget the pasta. Focusing primarily on the sauce is your best bet. Pasta in many cases is a wonderful vehicle that can accommodate your most appreciated dish elements.

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