How Soon Do You Start Planning For Winter?

There’s no doubt that hearing that summer is coming to a close is a tough one. Summer is traditionally the season that we all love the most. It’s when we feel our happiest, our systems flooded with Vitamin D thanks to all the sun exposure, and the days feel long and glorious. It feels like we have more time when it’s still light at 8pm, even though the hours in the days don’t change.

So saying goodbye to all of that is tough, for sure. Packing away the seasonal summer gear into the attic for another year feels akin to packaging away the source to your happiness; well, it does in your more melodramatic moments, anyway. Don’t worry, we all have them.
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Tips for Storing Winter Clothes

It is that time of year when we say goodbye to winter and hello to summer. If you live in North Carolina you may not be totally convinced. Temps dropped down in the 50s just last week! For the majority, part of this transition is store away our winter clothes until the cold weather arrives once again in about 6 or 7 months. Believe it or not, there is a proper way to store your winter clothes.
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How to Bring Your Hair Back to Life After Winter

Thankfully, winter is slowly coming to an end. However, your hair is still feeling the winter effects. Between the dry air and the cold air, your hair likely lacks moisture and experiencing split ends and breakage. Have no fear, though, because here are some great ways you can bring your winter hair back to life.
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How to do Your Winter Beauty Detox in 5 Steps

winter detox

Winter holidays are truly magical and we all enjoy ourselves during this festive break. Still, with so many parties, heavy eating and lounging around, your health and skin are bound to suffer. Therefore, once the holidays are over, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about your winter detox.

If you used to follow a specific regimen for healthy lifestyle before the holidays, this won’t come as something too troublesome for you. On the other hand, if you neglected your health and appearance a lot longer, then it’s time for some healthy New Year’s resolutions!

If you’re curious on how to detox properly but simply and effectively, keep on reading.

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