Advantages of Adding a Swimming Pool to Your Home

Guest post contributed by Chelsea Watterston

What comes to your mind when you think of or see a swimming pool? For most people, they think of fun summer memories—of swimming parties when they were kids and family barbecues by the poolside now that they’re adults. But pools can give you more advantages other than just a couple of hours of fun in the sun. Read on to learn what they are:
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Creative Ways to Decorate Around Your TV

Guest post contributed by Diana Smith

Chilling in your own bed while wearing pajamas must be one of those most magnificent things you could do on a lazy Sunday morning. If the late 1940s were known as the golden age of television, we can safely say that we now live in the platinum age. All the best TV shows are being produced right now, and they’re available to us at all times thanks to the wonder of modern television.
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Party Preparation: How to Get Your Yard Ready for a Get-Together

Hosting a party in your back yard can be fun and exciting for everyone involved. You can choose a theme for the event or set up a few tables for food along with a few games to play. There are a few ways that you can get your back yard ready for a get-together without spending a lot of time or money. 

Choose a Theme

Whether it’s a luau, a western BBQ or a palette of shades in the same color family, you need to start with some kind of basic plan. Working with a theme often makes things easier when you’re planning because you can choose food, decorations, and games to go along with that theme. If you don’t want to use a theme and just want to have a social gathering with friends and family, then at least decorate using similar colors for the tablecloths, utensils and other items that are in the yard. 

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Restoring the Floors in Your Home

Guest post contributed by John Stuart

Restoring the floors in your home are sometimes easier than you may think. If you plan on renovating your home you probably feel tired already. Yes, it’s an enormous task. But knowledge will make it go faster and easier. If floors are part of the plan use these tips to get you going.
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Home Insurance: Reasons Why It’s Worth The Money

Home insurance is a must for every homeowner. Imagine losing everything to a fire, flood or storm and having no way to replace it. Home insurance also covers you in case of a burglary. Having homeowner’s insurance means that you can rebuild in the event of a disaster or replace stolen items or items damaged by fire or water.

When considering purchasing insurance for your home, you should shop around and get multiple quotes. Providers offer different deductibles and rates. Find a provider that meets your needs in terms of a payment schedule. You may prefer to pay monthly, twice a year or once a year. Don’t immediately go with the lowest quote. It may not be the best insurance package for your needs.

Natural Disasters

When you live in an area prone to flooding, wildfires or tornadoes, you need to be very sure of what your home insurance covers. Find an agent who will sit down with you and go over your contract in its entirety. Some providers do not offer flood coverage in areas prone to flooding. If you live in an area where natural disasters are common, expect to pay more for your homeowner’s insurance. Paying extra for flood coverage or other natural disaster coverage is well worth it so that you can rebuild and go on with your life.

Keep in mind the costs of rebuilding from scratch with no insurance. Even something as small as a tree falling over, which could happen almost anywhere, can be a huge expense. If you have insurance then you can find a reliable business like Roland’s Roofing or someone similar to repair any damage to your roof without worrying about the cost.

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Five Things You Need to Have for Home Renovation on a Budget

Guest post contributed by Emily Floate

Human nature always wants a change in their lives as they get tired of the monotonous life. Therefore they look for ways in which they can incorporate a change in their lives and make it suit and compliment their personality. The Same rule applies to the interior décor. Living in the same home for many years makes you feel tired, and you want to add some energy to your interior décor. This is not possible unless you have a good budget, but there are simple décor hacks as well that would go easy on your budget and energy level. This article would serve as your budget friendly guide to renovate your home on a budget:

1. Purchase a good porcelain tile cutter

If you are planning to renovate your home, then the best choice is to have all the repair tools at your home so you can save the maintenance cost by repairing them at home. For example, porcelain tile cutter would serve as the best tool for the maintenance of your tiles and keep them in shape.
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Things You Need To Know Before Installing A Hot Water System Unit at Home

Guest post contributed by Shiwei Huang

If you’re planning to install a hot water system unit in your house, that will cost your around $80 an hour. But if the job is simple and easy, the installer may even charge less, as low as $70 an hour. If the installation process turns out to have some complications and obstructions, of course, the price of the service may go up to about $88 an hour.
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How to Choose the Right Architect for Your Home

Guest post contributed by Diana Smith


When you decide to add something to your home or when you choose to build an entirely new one, choosing the right architect is incredibly important. After all, your architect will be your best friend on this sometimes long and tough journey.

The most important part of doing renovations or building a home is a great design, so getting the right person to (re)design your home is a big deal. Finding the right person for the job is not easy because different architects prefer different styles, and some of them won’t necessarily fit what you want. That’s exactly why you must do your research before hiring someone.
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Home, Sweet Home: 6 Stylish Weekend Projects

Guest post contributed by Cate Palmer

The weekend is here and it’s finally time to rearrange a few things and freshen up your living space a bit. But you don’t like what you see in the stores, the trends this season are not to your taste or the prices are too high, and soon you’re out of your good mood and enthusiasm to add a few decorative and practical improvements to your home. But don’t worry, because here are some DIY ideas which can make your weekend and home stylish and creative.
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Tiffany Ceiling Lights – An Essential Aspect of Home Decor

Guest post contributed by Abby Varga

Tiffany lighting and lamps have been considered as the essential aspect of home decor since 100 years. Louis Tiffany, the manufacturer of Tiffany lighting and lamps used his creative talents to follow his love towards art than following his father’s footsteps. The main goal of his new passion is to enhance the interior design to that of a fine art level.

tiffany ceiling light

Tiffany ceiling lights are the perfect example of artisanship and creativity which goes with Tiffany stained glass products. While decorating your place you can have ceiling light fixtures, pendant lights, chandeliers or any form of light that you desire to have. These light fixtures cater your needs in a unique way to enhance the grace of your home’s interior.
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