Taking Care of You: Tips for Giving Yourself a Break

Life is just too stressful sometimes. We’re constantly busy, and when we do have some downtime, our minds are full of what we’ve got to do the next day. We always seem to be on the go, whether it be at work, meeting up with friends, shopping etc. It’s just go go go. All of this can eventually give you some serious stress and anxiety. The constant worrying thoughts that go through your mind are torturing. It then ends up taking over your whole body, leaving your tired, achy, and run down. Use these following tips to help give yourself a break.

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“Ber” Months: What Events To Look Forward To And Prepare For

Guest post contributed by Kristine Ramos

How time flies by. One moment we were just welcoming the year 2017 and taking down our Christmas decorations, now we’re almost saying goodbye to the year and putting up holiday decorations again. With the “Ber” Months (Months that end in “Ber”) marking the departure of the year, we’re speeding up to the time where we’ll be welcoming another new year.

But we are not ending 2017 and receiving 2018 without a bang. The following months that announce the coming new year are the busiest and occasion-packed months of the year with the holidays seeming to just stack up on each other. Although more holidays mean more time needed to plan, more money to spend, and more effort to give in order to create a successful celebration.
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Best Types Of Holiday For The Family

For the whole of the year, many of us look forward to the respite that a relaxing family holiday can bring, but it can be stressful sometimes to decide where to go and what to do to please the hoard.

The kids will want somewhere with plenty of things to do, places to go and ways to get covered in mud. And the adults? A book by the pool or a place to escape reality is more than good enough. Let’s talk through the different types of holiday you can enjoy with all of the family.
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How Do Families Afford To Go On Holiday?

Now, we’re sure that if we could all have our own way, we’d be spending many weeks each summer exploring a sunny destination with our families in tow. And then, for a week or two during winter, we’d pack everyone up and hit the mountains for a spot of skiing. The fantasy sounds good, doesn’t it? Alas, if you’ve ever tried to organize a big trip you’ll have quickly learned that traveling is a pretty expensive business. So how do families afford to do it? Below, we take a look at six ways you can have a vacation away with your clan to look forward to.

Make it a Priority

You have a lot of things you need to spend your hard-earned money on; the house, food, children’s activities, and all the other necessary expenditures of having a family, for instance. But somewhere you’ll have money that you spend on luxuries, be it fashionable clothes, dinners at restaurants, or too many presents at Christmas. If you want to afford those getaways, then you have to make them a priority. Put all the money you’d be spending on the things you can cut back on into your holiday fund!

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Teenage Son? 4 Christmas Gifts That Will Rock This Holiday

Guest post contributed by Emma Sturgis

When it comes to Christmas gifts, you’ll find that shopping for a teenage son is often the hardest to do as there aren’t as many choices as there are for girls. Some young men are selective when it comes to the items that they enjoy, and there are some who don’t have any specific item that they want for Christmas. An easy option is to give a gift card so that your son can get exactly what he wants after the holiday season.
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Out Of Gift Ideas? 4 Unique Ideas That Will Ensure You Rock The Holidays

Guest post contributed by Emma Sturgis

Out Of Gift Ideas?

man and woman hands with gift box

It’s easy to feel like you’ve run out of good gift ideas after searching online and exploring stores. However, this quick list will show you some stunning and unique gift ideas for anyone on your shopping list. This holiday season, you can impress your friends and loved ones with unique, memorable gifts.
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Zinc Door 15% OFF Holiday Decor & Anniversary SALE!

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Holiday Book Sale! Create a Lasting Memory with Blurb!

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Books are wonderful gifts!  Especially for those that seem to be hard to buy for.  Giving a book that you made would be even better!  The Grandparents would totally love this!

It amazes me how Blurb makes creating your own high quality custom books so easy!  If you need a little inspiration, check out Blurb’s 2013 Gift Guide to get some ideas!  Look at the ABC children’s book on page 6 and the cookbooks on page 7, they would make great gifts.

Blurb’s Gift Guide has an instruction guide that will help you create a special book to gift!  If you’re like me, you’ll want to get an early start.  I like to have all of my shopping done by Cyber Monday! 🙂

Added Bonus:  Blurb has a special promotion running now through 10/7.  You can save 20% off!! Simply create your book and then use Code: EARLYBIRD20 at checkout to recieve your discount.  Nice!

Note: Save 20%, up to $100, no minimum purchase required.