Create Your Own 2018 Money Saving Challenge

I know we all have big financial dreams and aspirations at the beginning of a new year, however, if we are honest with ourselves, sometimes those dreams can fizzle out too quickly.

A great place to start is to set goals. Make a plan. What will it take to jump start your savings plan? Stay with me…there are a few simple things that you can implement daily, weekly, or monthly throughout the year that will make a huge difference in your finances. 
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Hack Your Way to Lower Monthly Bills with These 4 Tips

It’s a problem if your bills are more than your income every month, or even if you’re just barely getting by. It’s important to save money so that you can build up an emergency fund and put money towards retirement. When you’re not doing that, you need to either start making more money, which is often difficult (especially in the short term), or lower your monthly expenses, which tends to be much easier. All it takes is an honest look at those expenses and finding areas where you can cut back. Here are four tips to immediately spend less every month.
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Gas Guzzler? 5 Ways to Save Fuel in Your Vehicle

Even though fuel prices have stabilized, the average driver is still spending nearly $2,000 dollars on gas every single year. Depending on your finances, that amount could have a major impact on your quality of life. Here are five strategies that you and your loved ones can use to conserve fuel and keep a little extra money in the bank.

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