Responsible for Your Aging Parents? How to Pick the Best Nursing Home

Contributed by Hannah Whittenly

Seeing your parents age can be heartbreaking at times. They rely on more help from you and outside sources. While you want to keep them as comfortable as possible, it’s sometimes a good idea to find a nursing home that can provide the physical and medical needs that your parents have. Most nursing homes have a doctor on call as well as nurses and nursing assistants who can provide the healthcare that your parents require as well as activities to keep them busy during the day. Here are a few tips for selecting the best nursing home for your aging parents.
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Steps You Can Take To Keep Your Elderly Parents from Falling

Guest post contributed by Chris Palmer

Elderly people are more prone to falling than the younger folks. Reasons could be numerous, ranging from medication side effects to illnesses. If you have an elderly parent you need to take care of; you need to devise a fall prevention plan immediately to avoid any severe harms. Below are some steps you can take to avoid the elderly from falling:

  1. It is advisable to basically draw out all the statistics and figure out what are the chances of falling. You can make an appointment with the doctor, and he might figure the plan out by determining facts like what medications your parents are on if they have any previous record of falling, are they prone to falling owing to any illness they might have already, etc. So you have to make sure you provide the doctor with all the right prescription details, especially the sedatives or the medication that makes your parents feel weary and tired.

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