Vegan Pairings: Which Wine Goes Best with Pasta Dishes?

Pairing delicious pasta dishes with high-quality wines can be a true delight for any foodie. You should never ever randomly combine wine and pasta dishes, however. The most successful pairings are ones that are carefully planned in advance. If you want to create a pasta meal to remember, the right wine choice can do you a lot of good. Vegan meal glory is right in front of you.

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10 Sides Suitable for Any Holiday Gathering

When it comes to serving up holiday sides you have many delicious choices to make. Deciding on the perfect menu for the occasion is part of the fun of seasonal meal planning, don’t you think?

The following list features yummy ideas for things like salads and veggie dishes. Some are classics like Ambrosia Salad and Southern-Style BBQ Baked Beans… holiday favorites for generations. Others, like Pumpkin Stuffing, bring a bit of variety to the table.
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