See what your used iPhone is worth today!

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The launch date for a new iPhone is quickly approaching!  Unfortunately, this means the value of old iPhones will depreciate very quickly.

Gazelle, a consumer electronics trade-in site, announced the extension of its 30-day price lock guarantee – up to 50 days for orders placed before September 10th!!

With this extended price lock, you can get today’s trade-in price for your old or unwanted iPhone, and hold onto your current device until after the new iPhone is in hand.

If you lock in an offer between now and September 10th, you will have until October 15th to send your old iPhone to Gazelle. Current pricing for the iPhone 5 ranges between $125 for a broken phone and to $350 for a phone in flawless condition. Nice! Visit Gazelle, and see what your iPhone is worth!

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