Offers Memories You Can Wear #Review

Capture those memories on Gold! has the perfect gift for that special someone on your list!

Do you ever wish you could make time stand still?  I certainly do!  My babies seem to be morphing into young adults right in front of my eyes!  One thing my husband and I love (yet somehow don’t seem to capture nearly enough of) is looking back on photographs from when my babes really were babies! 🙂 has given us a PERFECT way to remember special occasions!


We received this charming locket and chain.  When I opened the box I nearly cried. It’s so beautiful.  I love looking back at pictures but this locket with the picture etched by laser is just fantastic!  The detail is amazing. 

I opted to have my daughters initials engraved on the front and back of the outside of the locket.  She is going to flip when she sees this!  I had a hard time deciding between the monogram lettering or the boxier type.  I’m so glad I went with the monogram.  It’s perfect for my little lady’s taste!  My sweet hubby plans to take the princess on a date and give her this gift.  Makes for such sweet memories.  I may be hiding in the shadows to catch her reaction… you got it – on camera! 🙂 has a HUGE selection of necklaces and lockets or charms.  There is something for everyone on your list!  I literally ordered mine on a Wednesday and had it in the mail on Thursday!  Such great quality in an amazing turn around time!  (Such a great idea for those guys who have a tendency to forget special occasions!) 

These would make super stocking stuffers or hang the necklace on the tree and make the recipient search for their gift – kind of like a scavenger hunt! 


Which one will you choose?!?

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