Petani AIR SOCKS: The Best Wool Socks for Hiking Casual or Formal Wear

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Okay, so you’re probably thinking socks are socks, right? Well, you may want to reconsider because not all socks are made alike!

Allow me to introduce you to PETANI AIR SOCKS. Wait, you’ve never heard of PETANI AIR SOCKS? Well, then you are certainly missing out!

Recently, I had the privilege of reviewing some of their socks. Well, more specifically, I obtained them for my 25-year-old son to try. He had the opportunity to review these comfy and stylish socks:

  • PETANI Men’s Socks: 3-Pack Rich European Dress Organic Cotton Socks
  • AIR Dress Socks: 3-Pack European Organic Cotton Black Socks
  • AIR Wool Socks: 2-Pack Merino Wool Organic Cotton Heated Yarn Dress Socks.

So, let me first tell you that I have struggled for years to find the best socks for my son. For some reason, his feet sweat a lot and it was tough to find socks that would help keep the moisture away and also help keep his feet dry. PETANI breathable Men’s Socks did exactly that. The first time he wore these socks, he wore them for 7 ½ hours and his feet stayed dry the entire time! PETANI socks are made from high-quality materials that kept their bold color even after I washed them 5 or 6 times.

We had the same positive results with the other socks as well. What my son liked the most about the AIR Dress Socks was the elastic grip, which wasn’t tight like other types of dress socks. The versatile design looks great with any contemporary or modern outfit – whether business-appropriate (formal) or casual dress.  

My son loved that the AIR Wool Socks kept his feet warm and toasty during the cold winter days and nights. These ultra-soft socks provide smart Temperature Regulation that keeps your feet warm in cool weather and cool in hot weather. Actually, the AIR Wool Socks also have a unisex design making them equally suitable as men’s dress socks, women’s socks, hiking socks, or children’s wool socks. 

Main Product Features Include

  • Premium Blend:  Made with 25% merino wool, 17% cotton, 44% polyester, 9% acryl, 4% polyamide, and 1% spandex ensures that merino wool socks keep your feet warm in winter & cool in summer, and prove lightweight, breathable & odor resistant!
  • Versatile Design: Dress socks offer high moisture wicking that keeps your feet dry and soft.
  • Hassle-free Design: These wool socks stay in place thanks to a softly elasticated cuff that ensures a snug fit without hurting you making them ideal even as diabetic socks!
  • Wool Socks Available in 3 colors – Choose from BLACK, GREY and/or Striped Black.

PETANI AIR Socks are designed in the US and produced in Europe. These warm socks are very durable! They boast no holes, chafing or bunching, all while offering the ideal toe and heel support.

Want to try them for yourself?

You can find AIR SOCKS powered by PETANI  HERE and on Amazon

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