Ohuhu Helps You Get Organized and Rest Better #Review

Ohuhu is a One Stop Shop!

Are you, like me, trying to start the new year off a little more organized than you left the last one.  I haven’t made a “resolution” to start 2017 but I would really love it if I could just take a few steps toward a more organized life this year!  Ohuhu is helping me out with this great little cosmetic organizer, and I’m beyond grateful (so is my ever so patient and perfectionist of a hubby 🙂 ).

I’m going to be honest here, I wasn’t really expecting to like this little container… I WAS WRONG!  It’s got more than enough storage for my makeup and my nightly cleanser and lotions.  My little 8 year old diva is absolutely begging me for this for all of her “makeup” – not gonna happen!  I  love the simple sophistication this adds to my countertop – MUCH better than everything falling over in a very disorganized heap!

I also received this awesome night lite from Ohuhu.  This little baby had all three of my little “angels” up in arms over who would claim it as their own. 

They (and their mama too) fell in love with the sea of colors projected on the ceiling.  The option to have a rainbow of colors or your fave broadcasting on your ceiling is fabulous!  My boys declare that they simply must have a fan running 365 days a year (for the noise factor).  It’s single digits here y’all – and they have a fan blowing away from them All. Night. Long.  Again, my ever so patient, power company employed hubby – not so happy!  This night lite has come to the rescue and brought much needed peace at bedtime.  The boys have their “noise” and the hubs doesn’t have to lecture about the power bill. 🙂

Ohuhu offers these and MANY MORE great  products on Amazon. 

Be sure and check them out and tell them This Lady Blogs sent you!

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Here’s to an organized 2017!


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