Illuminate Nighttime with 3D Light FX #Review


Decorative Nightlights for Kids with these 3D Light FX

One of the top fears most children have is the fear of the dark. Of course, as a mom, I am concerned with helping my children through their fears but I also have to consider my budget. Every single light would be left on in the house at night if I allowed my kids to do as they please, however; we know that is just not practical or efficient. Nightlights are a must in my home as well as many homes of little ones across America. 3D Light FX has a wide selection. Adding security to your child’s wandering mind in the middle of the night is great while also adding decoration to the room with characters from their favorite television show or movie.


Among some of the many choices are Marvel, Universal, Disney, Hasbro, Star Wars and WB. Batman, Spiderman or Yoda may be your son’s top pick. Meanwhile, Dora, a Minion, or Frozen light may be a great touch to the bedroom of your daughter. 3D Light FX has a favorite for everyone. 


These adorable, battery operated lights are very easy to install. Included in the package is a sticker transfer to add a 3D effect in which is placed on the wall. So you do not have to deal with guessing where to place the screws to hang the light, conveniently the sticker has the markings for exactly where they go. It is as simple as sticking the transfer in the position on the wall, peeling the transfer paper off allowing the sticker to remain, insert screws and attach the light. In less than 5 minutes from start to finish, I had the sticker and light hung. 


The Stuart Minion light was my daughter’s selection. Fitting her personality well, Stuart looks as though he had busted right through the wall. She has been in love with the Minions movie since the first time she saw it and could not have been more excited when I showed her the new nightlight. With an on-off flip switch to the LED light, it is easy for a three-year-old to handle herself. You know how independent 3 year olds like to be!


Meanwhile, my son chose the Batarang Batman light that gets turned on and off simply by touching the top. He loves the look as if the Batarang had been thrown through the wall and is partially sticking out. Cool to the touch, this light lets off the perfect glow to take the edge off those dark nights.

Bring comfort and security to your child’s bedroom by ordering one of these great lights from 3D lights. They will love it and so will you! 

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