Custom Pallets Turned to Furniture: Ideas You Should Know!

Guest post contributed by Amelie Lawrence 

If you have leftover custom pallets, there is a lot which you can make with the same. You will just need to emphasize on your furniture needs and you can make out the best from the piece you have. Nowadays, Pallet furniture is very much in style. Therefore, emphasizing on the same is one essential aspect. These are durable, and cheap to build. Therefore, using this idea at the time of home remodeling is suggested. Mentioned here are some top furniture ideas, which you can make out of such pallets.

Custom Pallets – Trolley

1.) Pallet trolley


Once the food is ready, you will want to make proper arrangements for serving the same. For easy transportation of utensils, food, and beverages, it is essential to have a proper trolley. This is considered as one of the components of the modern furniture and therefore planning for it is essential. If you want a beautiful trolley, then decorating and planning for a pallet trolley is a right idea. This kind of furniture add volume to your home and it surely will put your guests in an amazement. Later, once this purpose is solved you can also convert this into a multipurpose table on the wheels.


2.) Dining table


You can also create an original dining table out of a couple of custom pallets that you have. This type of table will not only be functional for indoor, but will also be good for outdoor use. You can give it either a simple look or a rustic look. It will also be easy for you to customize the size, and the design of this table as per the built you want. At the end, you need to take care of the finishing on the custom pallets made tables.  

Custom Pallets – Dining Table


3.) Glass top outdoor pallet table


Another version of pallet coffee table is the glass top one. This is not just easier to build with a glass top, but it also helps to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor wherever it is placed. You can have four wheels featured to make sure its mobility. For a better look, you can also have some custom color added to it with some modern texture finish. A custom cut glass will be a great idea if you want to make this table look even better.


4.) Cup holder


Using a small portion of custom pallets can help you build a good tea or coffee cup holder. You can build this one to hang all your mugs. There are not many steps to be followed in the making of this holder and thus it is considered a simple plan. You will just have to take some exact dimensions and cut things accordingly. In no time, you will have a well-made custom cup holder for your requirements.

Custom Pallets – Cup Holder


5.) Kitchen island


It is a well-known fact that custom pallets can be used for all sort of things. Thus, you can also make use of them to create a kitchen island. For this, you will need to have some basic skills and making it is simple. In this case, sizing will hold greater importance. Therefore, plan everything beforehand. The best part here is that you can also choose your own design and make something unique out of it.


Custom pallets use and furniture styles are many, but make it of use by analyzing your needs and accordingly designing it. Hence, you will not only get good furniture piece created out of custom pallets, but also get a good value for the money and efforts invested into it.




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  1. I love using pallets to make furniture! My husband has actually made me a plant table for my porch, a work bench for the garage and now he just finished his BBQ table. All from pallets. Thank you for these additional ideas!

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