Coupons from your Favorite Brands

Have a favorite brand you can’t live with out?

Maybe it’s a new company you want to try but hate to spend the money
and not like it. 

Many companies will mail you coupons when you contact them.

Here are a few pointers for emailing:

Stay positive! Compliment them.  Tell them how much you enjoy their products.

If you have ways to improve their products such as a new flavor suggestion, or package size, always keep it positive.

Last but not least… Include your contact info!

Let the fun begin!

                   De Wafelbakkers        bob evans         hanover                                     bubba burger           springer mountain chicken      daisy                          heinz gravy                 johnsonville                 zatarains        kings hawaiian       john morrell       domino sugar    LouAna     resers   Udis   carolina pridebushs baked beans   sweet sue  cape cod chipsledbetter beef logo  martins potato bread   ihop at home   turkey hillharvestland    luzianne tea     murrays   margaret holmes


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  1. i have a question ? how is that only women think they do the food shopping , what about us single guys trying to save money too. i am single and when i go food shopping i dont want to buy female product , i rather buy more bread,eggs, milk , chees, ect. ect. but aim not seeing this on any web sight for those item. where can a single guy get the coupons he need for his grocery shopping needs saving a buck is not only for the females anymore.. ??

    • Lady April says:

      Hi Shawn, I would suggest purchasing a subscription to the Sunday Newspaper that carries coupon inserts. That will be your primary source for coupons. Then, I would recommend finding a good website that matches those coupons to items that are already on sale at the stores you shop at. This will allow you to save the most money on items you use. is a site that I use very often for finding deals by store. In the lists there are sometimes multiple sources to find coupons – example: printable, electronic (that you load to your store loyalty card), or manufacturer coupons. If you are not in the southern region, try It is one of my favorites too. Good luck to you!!


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