Gift-Giving Guide for Fitness Enthusiasts

Buying gifts can be difficult regardless of how well you know the person you are buying the gift for. In the worse case, that person doesn’t have any special passion or interest. In the better case, she is enthusiastic about something. However, the latter option has its flaws too, since you have to be well-familiarized with the object of his/her interest.

If you have a friend who is crazy about working out, jogging and anything fitness-related, here are a few ideas that will knock the sports socks off him/her.

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3 Unexpected Bumps In The Road And How To Fix Them

Image Source: Pexels

We’ve all been there, the spot where life just seems to be going exactly according to plan.. Life has been sailing along smoothly and then suddenly you hit a huge pitfall and the world seems to fall apart. However, challenges are common in life and it’s important to recognize these problems and ways you can handle them. Here are three common bumps in the road and how to deal with them. Continue reading “3 Unexpected Bumps In The Road And How To Fix Them”

Skills for Life: 4 Reasons You Should Work a Sales Job

If you have ever purchased a new car, a house or credit card, you understand the power of sales. Being a good salesperson isn’t just pressuring someone to buy something. Rather, it’s about creating a natural bond between yourself and a customer. This allows you to properly gain their trust and influence them to purchase your product. A good salesperson is not deceitful. They are agreeable and understanding. It also teaches invaluable skills that apply to all matters of the professional and interpersonal world. Here are four reasons why everyone should work a sales jobs.


In order for our world to function smoothly, we must be able to get our message across clearly. Sales requires you to be as direct as possible in order to get your work done successfully. This often means rehearsing your initial pitch to clients and customers. Rehearsing will make your pitch effortless and further convince them of your competence. It also means learning to improvise when a sales pitch doesn’t have the intended effect right away. Remedying  a pitch on the fly in order to grab your customers takes some quick thinking. Finally, it means showing gratitude and appreciation through grateful body language and facial expressions. 

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How Professional Dance Classes Make Impressive Change in Life

Guest post contributed by Justin Jersey 

Human culture has a special place for dance. Since ages, people have been dancing for several reasons. It could be about celebrating happiness, feeling relaxed or staying fit. Whatever it is, dancing is a great exercise to stay rejuvenated and feel good from inside. Almost everyone, including kids, adults and old people love to dance. Some dance to express their happiness, stay relaxed, have fun and avail health benefits, while others choose it as a profession. They work hard and compete to be famous in the dance and entertainment world. Some of them also pursue it as a career, excel in it and give dance lessons to others.
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5 Best Exercises For a Healthier Heart

Guest post contributed by Sara

A heart is the door to a healthier life. The single organ is responsible for pumping blood throughout the body and making you live to the fullest. These days, diseases and problems related to heart have been swelling up around the world. It becomes necessary to take cautious measures and keep a check on your routine to make sure that your heart is stable.
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What is a Sander & How to Use a Drum Floor Sander

Guest post contributed by Kate Westall

A sander is defined as a power tool, running on electricity, which is used to smooth surfaces by abrasion with sandpaper. Floor sanders used for woodworking use electricity as a source of energy, while the floor sander used for auto body repairs use compressed air. Let us take a look on how to use a drum floor sander as these floor sanders are most common, though other types of floor sanders are also used.
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How to Help Your 9th Grader Maximize Their High School Years

Guest post contributed by Hannah Whittenly

Entering high school can be a daunting adventure. The environment is quite different from elementary and middle school as the buildings are larger, there are more people, and the classes are tougher. With a little motivation and encouragement, you can help to make transitioning to high school a success for your child so that it’s an enjoyable and memorable experience.
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What You See Is What You Should Get: 6 Things To Do While Shopping Online

Guest post contributed by Abigail Sabijon

Say you’ve been surfing the net for so long for that adorable birthday present for a best friend, an awesome car accessory or the living room centerpiece you’ve always wanted. Until you stumble upon a relatively new site and they have just what you want. The problem is that tons of shops sprout like mushrooms lately, selling undeniably attractive products (including the one that you’ve always wanted) but how can you tell they’re legitimate and trustworthy?  Instead of gambling everything right away, do the following things to make sure you get the best bargain for your money when shopping online.
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Is Lectin The New Gluten?

Pick any aisle in the grocery store, and you will likely be able to find something containing lectin. In fact, you’ve probably seen it as an ingredient on labels for many types of food. In the past, lectin has not been the subject of scrutiny as much as gluten, but now, in light of recent scientific discoveries and debates, lectin is being hailed by some as the new gluten.

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A Mom’s Guide to Becoming a Freelancer

Guest post contributed by Peter Minkoff

Juggling a full-time job of being a mom and pursuing a full-time career is definitely not easy, it’s almost impossible. Even if your dream is to only have the first full-time job, you’re well-aware that in today’s economy it’s almost impossible to pull this off from the financial aspect. Luckily, thanks to the wonder that is freelancing, you can now have it all – a good income without sacrificing being a good mom. So, whether you’re mulling over the idea of becoming a freelance writer, graphic designer or anything else, this is the time to take the plunge. Entering the freelance world isn’t as difficult as you might think, especially if you take the time to follow our guidelines that are guaranteed to help you navigate the waters with ease.
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