How to Choose the Best Timber Flooring for Your Home

Guest post contributed by Lauren Bracy

Selecting the best floor tiles for your home might just not be as easy as you think. This is because there are many floor tiles designs, colors, and materials to which people often get attracted. Almost every group of materials has their own merits and you might have to consider several factors before you make your final choice. If you want your floors to become durable, simple, neat, and classy to look, timber is definitely one of the best choices that you can get to get your flooring done. Additionally, Timber flooring has certain advantages that nobody would like to leave out. So, if you are willing to choose the best flooring for your home, here are some tips which you can follow!
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Find Your Space: 4 Signs It’s Time To Tear Your Home Down And Start Over

When you first bought your home, it may have had enough space and the right layout to fit your needs. However, over time, you may discover that it is cramped or otherwise no longer suited to your lifestyle. What are some of the key signs that it is time to tear your house down and start over from scratch?

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How to Choose the Perfect Flooring Option for the One Bedroom Granny Flat Designs

Guest post contributed by Amelie Lawrence 

While selecting the One bedroom granny flat designs, it is important to make sure that the floor plans are impressive. They are bound to deliver an enviable impression both to the users as well as visitors. Polyvinyl cladding plays an important role in making the house durable for the users. Small homes provide an ideal option for the users to live in and enjoy the amazing lifestyle secluded from the bustle of the city.
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How to Turn Your Summer Party into a True Southern Barbeque

Guest post contributed by Hannah Whittenly

The sounds of children playing in the yard and the aroma of ribs on the grill are only some of the things that make up the ideal southern barbecue. Before your family and friends arrive, you want to create a menu and plan your decorations to give a southern flair to your event. Fortunately, the organization process is a bit easier with a few tips that you can follow.
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Dangers to Avoid While Spring Cleaning

Spring is definitely in the air: the days are getting warmer; the birds are chirping and the flowers are starting to bloom. Spring is also the time of the year to get down and dirty with some spring cleaning. However, spring cleaning doesn’t come without some hazards. Here are some dangers for you to steer clear of during spring cleaning.
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Activities for Bored Teenagers

If you have a teenager in your home, then you already know they can get bored…and fast! While the spring season drives in the warmer weather, your teen may still find themselves bored with nothing to do. Here are some awesome activities to keep your teens busy this spring, ones they can do alone or with friends.

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4 Ways To Add Flavor To Your Food Without The Extra Sugar

You can eat enjoy exquisite cuisine without sacrificing health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people should limit added sugars to no more than 10% of daily calories. To meet this limit, add these four ideas to your culinary arsenal now.

Fill Up On Fruit

So many people do not realize raw and cooked fruits can deliver an incredible amount of sweetness to the tongue. However, fruit is the ideal substitute for sugar in cooking. To add creaminess while reducing sugar, trade applesauce for butter in many desserts. Top cold and hot cereals with raisins, berries and bananas for a punch of sweetness. Ban store-bought drinks and invest in a juicer or smoothie blender, to combine greens and vegetables with oranges and pineapples as an alternative juicy beverage.
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Daily 10 Minute Jumping Workout Help To Lose Weight

Guest post contributed by Irshad Alam

What is the easiest way to lose weight? Or, which exercise is the simplest when it comes to countering weight problems? Jogging? No. Running around the park? No. Then what?

Jumping, yes, it’s jumping which is the easiest and simplest way to lose weight and burn fat in a quick manner. It’s simple to do and it delivers great fun as well. The best part, it’s three times more beneficial than running or jogging around the park outside.
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