You Don’t Have to Go to the Gym to Lose Weight

Guest Post contributed by Samantha Olivier 

Yes, you’ve read that correctly, you don’t necessarily need to lift stuff, visit the cardio area, or take an aerobics class to ditch those extra pounds of belly-jelly. Luckily for those of you who dislike the concept of gym-going, you never have to feel self-conscious, silly or downright embarrassed again in a setting that doesn’t make you feel comfortable.
Instead, you can design one heck of a nutrition plan, stick to it religiously, and find a more inspiring physical activity to kickstart your fitness goals. All it takes is a little bit of imagination, some effort and perhaps some trial and error before you decide what’s the best blend for you!

1. Walk it off

Still, this doesn’t mean stopping at every window to look at those summer sales or soak in the sunset, both of which are intoxicating. Studies have shown that brisk walking, the kind that practically leaves you breathless, is as effective a tool for losing fat as going to the gym.

Get yourself some comfy sneakers, a pair of leggings and a snug tee, and all you’ll need to do is pick a route. If you live near a park, all the better because time spent in nature benefits your overall well-being. At first, aim at that infamous half an hour per day, but for better results, don’t be afraid to up the mileage.

2. Hit the HIIT

On the other hand, sticking just to a walking routine will likely end up boring, and your body might hit a plateau after a while. Complementing your new walk-to-work (and back) lifestyle with an occasional HIIT session can further empower your weight loss.

Luckily, the internet is teeming with various instructional videos with dozens of different combos of bodyweight exercises to create the perfect high-intensity program. Several times a week of different HIIT sessions, and you’ll be burning the extra fat very efficiently, while at the same time toning your muscles and becoming stronger.

3. Dance the calories away

Salsa, Zumba, hip-hop, you name it, it will likely be a mighty item in your weight-loss arsenal! YouTube is also chock-full of videos to guide you through your home workout, but you can also join a dance class and break a sweat on a regular basis with the help of the extra motivation of a group setting. You’d be surprised just how strenuous a modern jazz ballet class can be!

Then again, if you’re daring by nature or just want to flirt with your wild side a bit, pole dancing has become quite popular in the last few years. Weight-loss is one of the main reasons, but it’s also tremendously fun, challenging on your entire body and helps you gain confidence, as well.

4. On board!

Another weirdo on our list, but becoming more popular by the day – skating is not just a way to re-awaken your inner child, but also shed those pesky pounds. According to professor Michele Olson, the sport is surprisingly powerful for cardiovascular endurance, where just your regular board-pushing can burn up to 12 calories per minute, not to mention trying those complex stunts.

However, safety first! Make sure that you’re well-equipped with high-quality skateboard hardware and any protective accessories you might need. Then you can proceed to cruise the streets, join a skate park and look as cool as a cucumber.

5. Bon appétit

Last, but not least, your diet plays a pivotal role in your weight-loss regime. No matter how much you dance, skate or run, the effects will fail to emerge unless your diet is tailored to suit your goals without harming your healthy nutrition.

In most cases, that means you need to eat fewer calories than you consume (about 500 is the healthy limit), and choose nutrient-dense foods to be your sources of healthy carbs, fats, and lean protein, in the right time intervals, accompanied with proper hydration. Choose your munchies carefully, craft your exercise routine, and watch those pounds melt away!

You Know Your Child is Smart, But Why Can’t Their Grades Show That?

Guest post contributed by Hannah Whittenly

Even if your child doesn’t make straight A’s in school, you know your child is smart. This is a common scenario with many families. You see the brilliant mind of your child, but the grades that are brought home don’t reflect the intellect that you know is present. Fortunately, there are a few ideas to keep in mind that might offer a reason as to why you don’t see an exceptional report card.
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4 Family Health Challenges That Everyone Will Be Motivated By

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Keeping your family healthy is a prime concern for all parents. However, getting them to take responsibility for their own health is learned behavior that begins in early life. If you want your children to engage in habits that will help to keep them healthy throughout their lives, begin by being a good example. You can start by educating them on the actions that contribute to good health and by engaging in these positive behaviors as a family. Here are just a few areas where early habits can pay off in better health throughout your life. Continue reading “4 Family Health Challenges That Everyone Will Be Motivated By”

A Step by Step Guide to a Comfortable Bedroom

Guest post contributed by Zack Davis

A bedroom is your personal space that you look forward to after coming home from work all tired and worn-out. Therefore it should be designed in a way that gives you comfort and helps you to enjoy a sound sleep. This article will serve as a step by step guide to help you create a comfortable bedroom which can refresh and rejuvenate your body and mind.


Step 1: Select the bedroom furniture

Selecting the bedroom furniture depends on your personal taste. However, if you are a fashion freak and want the décor of your bedroom to stay up to date, then it is best to opt for a mixture of traditional and modern furniture pieces. The good thing about traditional furniture is that it looks classic and is never out of fashion. If you don’t share your bedroom with anyone, then you can go for single bed options or if you are sharing your bedroom, but it is small in size then its best to go for queen size bed instead of king size bed. Look at the head board of the bed and choose the one that best suits your needs. For example, if you prefer reading a book before going to sleep the best choice for you is to have an upholstered headboard having a comfortable surface that would soothe your back when you lean against it. Other furniture items include side tables, night stand and a rocking chair that give a complete look to your personal space.


Step 2: Select a comfortable mattress for your bed

The key to a sound and peaceful sleep is a comfortable mattress. Make sure that your mattress is not only soft but has a comfortable fabric that feels good against your skin. The kind of mattress you opt for largely determines the quality of rest you get every night. Before going for the mattress shopping set a budget range and check different mattresses for their comfort level and opt for best memory foam mattress that would provide you personalized comfort.

Step 3: Select the lightning of your bedroom

Choosing the right lighting scheme can uplift the vibe and highlight the décor of your bedroom. This does not mean that you should go for lighting that is too bright. A bedroom is a place where you look up to get some rest after a tiring day at work so the lighting scheme should be soft so that it relaxes your nerves and body. If you like reading in your bedroom, then make sure that proper light fixture is hanging above your bed that provides you with sufficient light needed for reading purpose.


Step 4: Select the paint for your bedroom

Bright and vibrant wall paints no doubt looks good and add a playful spirit to your space but opting for soothing color palettes is a good choice when you are considering to paint the bedroom walls. Neutral wall paints give a spacious look to your bedroom and have a relaxing impact on your mind and body. Moreover, subtle shades give you the leverage to decorate the walls of your bedroom according to your own style to add a bit of color and glamour to your bedroom. Hang your favorite pictures or abstract art pieces, make a collage or go with just a single statement piece the choice is totally yours.


Step 5: Add a centered rug 

A small rug placed at the center of your bedroom will not only complete the décor of your bedroom but will also give a welcoming start to your day by pampering your feet by its soft fiber and fur right after you wake up and step out of bed. Moreover, the unique patterns and designs of the rug blend perfectly with the décor of your bedroom and give it a more exotic look.


Author Bio

Zack Davis is a well-known psychologist, content writer, and marketer for sleepholic. I’m very concerned about human health, love sleeping and enjoy hanging out with friends. You can often find me happily writing about anything to do with sleep and other related topics.




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Giving and receiving gifts has been a tradition among humans for a long time. Each gift we give shows how much affection or appreciate we have for the person receiving it. But even before we can buy one, the first question that is asked most often is; what gift should be brought? When you are looking for some gift for your loved one, you can choose some sheepskin boots because this stylish footwear is the best option for your wife. She can wear these boots on every season and especially she can wear these boots during the winter.  
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Gift-Giving Guide for Fitness Enthusiasts

Buying gifts can be difficult regardless of how well you know the person you are buying the gift for. In the worse case, that person doesn’t have any special passion or interest. In the better case, she is enthusiastic about something. However, the latter option has its flaws too, since you have to be well-familiarized with the object of his/her interest.

If you have a friend who is crazy about working out, jogging and anything fitness-related, here are a few ideas that will knock the sports socks off him/her.

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3 Unexpected Bumps In The Road And How To Fix Them

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We’ve all been there, the spot where life just seems to be going exactly according to plan.. Life has been sailing along smoothly and then suddenly you hit a huge pitfall and the world seems to fall apart. However, challenges are common in life and it’s important to recognize these problems and ways you can handle them. Here are three common bumps in the road and how to deal with them. Continue reading “3 Unexpected Bumps In The Road And How To Fix Them”

Skills for Life: 4 Reasons You Should Work a Sales Job

If you have ever purchased a new car, a house or credit card, you understand the power of sales. Being a good salesperson isn’t just pressuring someone to buy something. Rather, it’s about creating a natural bond between yourself and a customer. This allows you to properly gain their trust and influence them to purchase your product. A good salesperson is not deceitful. They are agreeable and understanding. It also teaches invaluable skills that apply to all matters of the professional and interpersonal world. Here are four reasons why everyone should work a sales jobs.


In order for our world to function smoothly, we must be able to get our message across clearly. Sales requires you to be as direct as possible in order to get your work done successfully. This often means rehearsing your initial pitch to clients and customers. Rehearsing will make your pitch effortless and further convince them of your competence. It also means learning to improvise when a sales pitch doesn’t have the intended effect right away. Remedying  a pitch on the fly in order to grab your customers takes some quick thinking. Finally, it means showing gratitude and appreciation through grateful body language and facial expressions. 

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How Professional Dance Classes Make Impressive Change in Life

Guest post contributed by Justin Jersey 

Human culture has a special place for dance. Since ages, people have been dancing for several reasons. It could be about celebrating happiness, feeling relaxed or staying fit. Whatever it is, dancing is a great exercise to stay rejuvenated and feel good from inside. Almost everyone, including kids, adults and old people love to dance. Some dance to express their happiness, stay relaxed, have fun and avail health benefits, while others choose it as a profession. They work hard and compete to be famous in the dance and entertainment world. Some of them also pursue it as a career, excel in it and give dance lessons to others.
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5 Best Exercises For a Healthier Heart

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A heart is the door to a healthier life. The single organ is responsible for pumping blood throughout the body and making you live to the fullest. These days, diseases and problems related to heart have been swelling up around the world. It becomes necessary to take cautious measures and keep a check on your routine to make sure that your heart is stable.
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