5 Things I’ve Learned From Santa

Lessons from the Elf in the Red Suit…

I have been touched by people I’ve never met.  Have you?  You hear a story that pulls at your heartstring, see a hurting child …  

When compared to the billions of humans who have graced this earth, there are few who actually make a difference (for the good) universally.  I’m not here to discuss whether Santa is real (I’m pretty sure we can all agree he isn’t 😉 ).  However, I would like to share some things I’ve learned from this jolly soul that warms the hearts of men, women, boys, & girls around the globe.

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3 Things My Kids Don’t Need for Christmas This Year


While putting my kids Christmas lists on my phone last week (because, if they want me to remember, my phone has to remind me!) I stopped in my tracks.  I have been beyond busy for the last several weeks.  This time of year seems to breed functions to attend or projects to be completed.  I have been running here and there like an absolute mad woman.  It’s December.  What’s a mom to do come December when the tree’s up and there’s no gifts to wrap?  Get that list and add shopping to the endless list of things to do.  Why?  Why mama?  Why are we running ourselves ragged to buy things for our kids that they do NOT need?  Our kids don’t need things!  They need us!
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How I Got Over My Fear of the Dark

How I Got over my Fear of the Dark


I’m 38 years old and I’m afraid of the dark.  It’s the not knowing, the unexpected that terrifies me.  I’m old enough to know that there are no monsters hiding in my closet or dragons under my bed, but for some reason when the lights go out – apprehension starts to rise.

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A Mosquito’s Life – Help Prevent Malaria

Image courtesy of Compassion International

The life of a Mosquito.

Every 30 seconds a child dies from Malaria, and I get to assist. My name is Mr. Mosquito. Do nothing and I get to continue spreading this terrible disease. Did you know that half of the World’s population – 3.3 BILLION people are at risk of getting Malaria?

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To Forgive or Not to Forgive

Woman Receiving Flowers

Forgiveness isn’t always fair!  But, it is necessary.

You want to be forgiven, right?  I know I do. We all make mistakes. When you choose to hold on to the anger and not forgive, you are hurting yourself!  Did you know that choosing not to forgive leads to bitterness?  Bitterness is like a root.  Once grounded, it will sprout up and take over your mental and physical being.

Forgiveness means paying a price.  You may have to “loose” to forgive.  The person that wronged you will most likely be someone you have a relationship with or someone you love.  That can make it tough.  Just remember, God wants us to act, not react when someone hurts us.

Waiting for the person to get “paid back” is not the time to forgive.  Don’t wait for the person to pay in order to forgive.  True forgiveness is unconditional.  Yes, forgiveness can seem unfair, but it is better to pay the price of unfairness than to be tormented the rest of your life because of unforgiveness.

For further study and meditation on this topic, read Matthew 18:32 -35.  Special thanks to CBC for providing Family Study Devotions!