Take Your Family Back in Time at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Myrtle Beach #mtfan #Review

Medieval Times  – Kings, Swords and More

Raising two boys (three if you count my husband), there are a few things that are always on our family’s radar. Common questions we always hear are, “What are we doing today?” and “What’s for dinner?”. All the while, trying to find the most adventurous and exciting ways to spend family time. Medieval Times combined both entertainment and food into a dynamic family night!

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Let ECOCAMEL “Shower” You with Goodness #Review

Softwater Technology in a shower head!

“ECOCAMEL – A Shower Revolution”

There are some things I stress over.  Some things I must have.  Some things I put much thought and attention to.  I’ll admit, my shower head hasn’t been one of them… until now!  We recently installed the Orbit shower head from ECOCAMEL and WOW!  We’ve had an el cheapo head in the kid’s bathroom for ages. Now they think they’ve died and gone to Heaven.

 About Ecocamel Orbit

The stylish new Orbit SoftWater shower head can quickly and easily be fitted to provide softer water for showering wherever you are. No filters required. The new Ecocamel SoftWater Technology means it’s the world’s first shower head with an integral water softener that is perfect for eliminating limescale from your home. Boost power and save water with AirCore Technology. It creates better, more powerful showers, while using less water leaving you more eco-friendly and energy efficient.

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Hanging Memories with Canvas On Sale #Review

Canvas On Sale Keeps Memories Alive

As a former photographer, I am big on making sure that photos are captured for EVERYTHING, literally! However, I am not the best at printing and hanging my photos. I finally have a recent photo I had printed by Canvas on Sale and now I am anxious to order another!

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Forever Reminder Of Love With Dimples Personalized Jewelry #Review

Dimples Personalized Jewelry Goes Straight to the Heart 

Old Western Culture says that the left ring finger, know as Vena Amoris, was known to be the “vein of love”. Although anatomy says otherwise, I believe it is true for other reasons. There may not literally be a vein that runs straight to the heart; however, the left-hand ring finger has been a symbol of love for YEARS! So, regardless if there is really a vein that runs straight to the heart, the amount of love shown on this finger is extraordinary. Fingerprints NEVER change, what a better way of symbolizing your love than to have your spouses fingerprint on a symbol of your love for each other. Dimples offers just that! 

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PicturesOnGold.com Offers Memories You Can Wear #Review

Capture those memories on Gold!

PicturesOnGold.com has the perfect gift for that special someone on your list!

Do you ever wish you could make time stand still?  I certainly do!  My babies seem to be morphing into young adults right in front of my eyes!  One thing my husband and I love (yet somehow don’t seem to capture nearly enough of) is looking back on photographs from when my babes really were babies! 🙂  PicturesOnGold.com has given us a PERFECT way to remember special occasions!


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Secrets Are Safe with the Secret Message Set By SmitCo #Review

SmitCo Secret Message Set for Young Girls

I have great memories as a little girl of my friends and I having secret diaries. I can even remember having an invisible ink pen and thinking it was the coolest thing! SmitCo, has a secret diary message set that will make your little one feel that same feeling I felt as a girl! Oh, to be little again! Such great memories! 

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Alkalife TEN Spring Water: Balanced with a High pH and Rich with Electrolytes #Review

I must admit, Alkalife TEN Spring water has me rethinking my tap water.


 Our family drinks water – a lot of water each day. My kids are also very active in sports. Many days I forget to refill and pack water bottles so I find myself stopping to buy a pack of water at least twice per week. We don’t drink soft drinks or tea very often, usually only at special occasions, so when I heard about Alkalife TEN I was intrigued.
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Teach Your Child With Playroom PREP Dry Erase Book #Review

Hands-On Learning With PlayRoom PREP Cuts Down Screentime For Children

Let’s face it, too much screen time has become a serious problem among children in today’s culture. Screentime effects children in a lot of negative ways. Mental health, vision and obesity problems are on the rise due to children sitting for hours staring at a TV, Ipad, computer or phone screens. PlayRoom PREP has come up with a fun, colorful dry-erase learning book to help entertain and educate children without a screen.


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